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  1. Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel
    Adamson Road
  2. Regency Lodge NW3
    Adelaide Road
  3. Shipwrights Hall
    Aldersgate Street/Shaftesbury Place
  4. Snowden Street
    Appold Street/Vandy street
  5. Harlequin PH
    Arlington Way
  6. Shakespears Head PH
    Arlington Way
  7. Arundel Square
    Arundel Place/Westbourne Road
  8. Primrose Gardens
    Belsize Grove/Englands Lane
  9. Waterloo East Theatre
    Brad Street in By Alaska St R Cornwall Road L Brad St
  10. Bridge Water Square
    Bridge Water Street in by Beach Street
  11. Underworld Club
    Camden Road
  12. Knigths Templar PH
    Carey Street
  13. Belgo Bar
    Chalk Farm Road
  14. Marathon Restaurant
    Chalk Farm Road
  15. Somerstown Coffee House
    Chalton Street
  16. Quality Court
    Chancery lane
  17. Society of Genealogists
    Charterhouse Buildings
  18. William Harvey Hart Centre
    Charterhouse Buildings
  19. Gaucho EC1
    Charterhouse Street
  20. Parker McMillan Bar
    Chiswell Street
  21. The Brewery
    Chiswell Street
  22. Jugged Hare PH
    Chiswell Street
  23. Montcolm Hotel City
    Chiswell Street
  24. Angel Gate
    City Road
  25. Owen Fields
    City Road
  26. City Islington Sixt Form Collage
    City Road
  27. Zetter Restaurant, Bar & Hotel
    Clerkenwell Road
  28. Corps of Commissionaires
    Cowcross Street
  29. Inmarsat
    Cowper Street
  30. Highgate Mental Health Centre
    Dartmouth Park Hill
  31. West One Shopping Cntre
    Davies Street/Oxford Street
  32. Poplar Fire Station
    East India Dock Road
  33. Windrush Square
    Efra Road
  34. Devereux Court
    Essex Street
  35. Secret Club 5
    Evershot Street
  36. City Burlesque
    Farringdon Road
  37. Royal National Institute for Deaf People
    Featherstone Street
  38. Girapolo Restaurant
    Fetter Lane
  39. Scotia House
    Finsbury Square
  40. Finsbury Dials
    Finsbury Street/Chiswell Street
  41. Durrants Hotel
    George Street
  42. Berkeley Court NW1
    Glentworth Street
  43. Americana Hotel
    Gloucester Place
  44. Citadines Aparthotel EC1
    Goswell Road
  45. Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
    Goswell Road
  46. Saddlers Sports Centre
    Goswell Road
  47. Virgin Active EC1
    Goswell Road
  48. Hix Oyster and Chop House Restaurant
    Greenhill Rents/Cowcross Street
  49. Bounty Hall
    Gwendolen Avenu
  50. 1949 Bar
    Hartland Road
  51. Open University NW1
    Hawley Crescent
  52. Kiddrpore Avenue
    Heath Drive/Platts Lane
  53. Central School of Ballet
    Herbal Hill
  54. Thanet Youth Club
    Herbert St lv By Queens Cresent
  55. Louderdale House
    Highgate Hill
  56. Waterhouse Square
  57. Camden Brasserie
    Jamestown Road
  58. Postmans Park
    King Edward Street
  59. Bermondsey Village Hall
    Kirby Grove In By Snowfields
  60. Knigthsbridge Green Hotel
  61. Serbian Community Centre
    Lancaster Road
  62. TWO 8 SIX Club
    Lewisham High Street
  63. Riley Snooker Club SE13
    Lewisham High Street Longbridge Way Courthill Road
  64. Roundwood Park
    Longstone Avenue
  65. Chrisp Street Market
    Market Square/Chirsp Street
  66. Borough Station TA
    Marshall Sea Rd L Sanctuary Street L Lant Street L Borough High Street
  67. Winter Garden Restaurant
    Marylebone Road/Landmark Hotel
  68. British Home Stores HQ
    Marylebone Road/Whydham St and Knox Street
  69. Davy's Reestaurant
    Mincing Lane
  70. Camino Restaurant
    Mincing Lane
  71. Agenda Restaurant
    Mincing Lane
  72. AXA Investments
    Newgate Street
  73. Drummond House
    North Gower Street
  74. Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children
    Northampton Road/Pine Street
  75. Associated Press
    Norwich Street
  76. Philpot Square
    Peterborough Road
  77. Cavalry and Guards Club
  78. Palm Restaurant
    Pont Street
  79. Telegraph Road
    Putney Heath/Wildcroft Road
  80. Fisher Amateur Boxing Club
    Riley Road
  81. Camden Rd Station TA
    Royal Collage St L Ivor St Prowse Place L Bonny St
  82. Banana Tree Canteen EC1
    Saint John Sreet
  83. Islington Museum
    Saint John Sreet
  84. Saint John Bar & Restaurant
    Saint John Sreet
  85. Tinseltown Diner EC1
    Saint John Sreet
  86. Piada Restaurant
    Saint John Sreet
  87. Harry Morgans Dinner
    Saint Johns Wood High Street
  88. City Tample
    Shoe Lane
  89. Athene Place
    Shoe Lane
  90. Plumtree Court
    Shoe Lane
  91. Mothers Square
    Sladen Place/Clarence Road
  92. Punk Club
    Soho Street
  93. Le Colombier Restaurant
    South Prade
  94. London Silver Vault
    Southampton Buildings
  95. Royal Avenue
    St Lenords Terrace
  96. Stratton House/Man U HQ
    Stratton Street
  97. Maltby Street
    Tanner Street/Abbey Street
  98. Knigths Youth Centre
    Tierney Road
  99. Players Theatre
    Villiers Street
  100. City Inavation Center
    Whiskin Street Middleton St L Gloucheter Way
  101. Bill's Restaurant N1
    White Lion Street
  102. Jhon Bell and Croyden Pharmacy
    Wigmore Street
  103. Munster Square
    William Road
  104. Kathrine Square
    Wilsham Street
  105. Bradleys Restaurant
    Winchester Road
  106. Strata Building
    Wolworth Road in Hampton Street R Wollaston Close
  107. Arches Restaurant
    Fairhazel Gardens
  108. Singapore Gardens Restaurant
    Fairfax Roadd
  109. Lismore Circus
    Lamble Street
  110. Stockleigh Hall
    Prince Abbert Road
  111. The Lost Hour PH
    Greenwich High Road
  112. Barfly Bar
    Chalk Farm Road/Ferdinand Road
  113. Goldman Sachs Cab Rand
    Bridle Street
  114. Adath Yisroel Synagogue
    Queen Elizabeth Walk/Lordship Park
  115. Automat American Brasserie
    Dover Street
  116. Privet Eye
    Carliisle Street
  117. Zebrano
    Greek Street
  118. Outsiders
    Greek Street
  119. Malawi High Comision
    John Street
  120. Westway Travelers Site
    Stable Way/Latimer Rd
  121. Miabella
    Greek Street
  122. Moonlight Club
    Greek Street
  123. Grenadier PH
    Wilton Row in By Wilton Cresent
  124. Cross Keys PH
    Endel Street
  125. New Ambasodors Theatre
    West Street
  126. Jockey Club
    High Holborn
  127. Heals WC1
    Totthenam Court Road
  128. Great James Street
    Theobalds Road/Northington Street
  129. Souk Bazaar
    Litchfield Street
  130. Souk Medina
    Short Gardens
  131. Bills Restaurant WC2
    St Martins Court Yard/Slingsby Place/Mercer Street
  132. Mayfair Bar
    Berkley Street
  133. Sauna Bar
    Endel Street
  134. Novikor Bar
    Berkley Street
  135. Coults And Co
  136. Tonge House
    Royal Circus
  137. Church Street Hotel
    Camberwell Church Street
  138. Appe Tree Yard
    Duke of York Street
  139. Foxtrot Oscar Restaurant
    Royal Hospital Road
  140. Coda Centre
    Munster Road
  141. Farm Lane
    Walham Grove
  142. Jessica House Ta
    Wandsworth High St Merton Road Lebonan Gardens Lebonan Road
  143. Ceck Mate Bar
    Cromwell Road
  144. Parsons Green Social Clum
    Broom House Lane
  145. Tara Theatre
    Gareth Lane
  146. Earlsfield Staion TA
    Gareth Lane R Algarve Road R Earlsfield Road L Gareth Lane SDOL
  147. Santa Maria Del Sur Restaurant
    Queens Town Road
  148. Loulous Club
    Hertford Street/Trebeck Street
  149. English Speaking Union
    Charles Street
  150. Marks Club
    Charles Street
  151. I Mam The Only Running Footman PH
    Charles Street
  152. Saudi Arabia Embassy
    Charles Street
  153. Mortons Club
    Berkeley Square
  154. Time & Life Building
    Bruton Street
  155. Bellamy's Restaurant
    Bruton Place
  156. Gregs's Restaurant
    Bruton Place
  157. Guinea Grill Restaurant
    Bruton Place
  158. Gallery Private Members Club
    Conduit Street
  159. Polo Bar
    Conduit Street
  160. Courthouse Doubletree Hotel
    Great Marlborough Street
  161. Breakfast Club W1
    D'Arblay Street
  162. Muslim World League
    Charlotte Street
  163. Villandry Restaurant
    Bolsover Street/Great Portland Street
  164. Media Centre
    Carburton Street
  165. BBC Club
    Gildea Street
  166. Astor Court Hotel
    Hallam Street
  167. West End Central Synagogue
    Hallam Street
  168. Blandford Hotel
    Chiltern street
  169. Garbos Restaurant/Thai Rice
    Crawford street
  170. Giraffe Cafe W1
    Blandford Street
  171. Michael Moore Restaurant
    Blandford Street
  172. Galvin Restaurant
    Baker Street
  173. Reubens Restaurant
    Baker Street
  174. Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral
    Duke Street
  175. Cordon Bleu Cookery School
    Bulstrode Place
  176. Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel
    Marylebone Lane
  177. Medical Society of London
    Chandos Street
  178. Saint Georges Hotel W1 /1
    Langham Place/Riding House Street
  179. John Snow PH
    Broadwick Street
  180. India Tourist Office
    Cork Street
  181. Bucks Club
    Clifford street
  182. Arts Club
    Dover Street
  183. Cipriani Restaurant
    Davies Street
  184. American Chamber of Commerce
    Brook Street
  185. Argentina Embassy
    Brook Street
  186. Handel House Museum
    Brook Street
  187. French House PH
    Dean Street
  188. Bateman Street
    Dean Street/Greek Street
  189. Soho NHS Walk in Centre
    Frith Street
  190. Grace Restaurant
    Great Windmill Street
  191. Andrew Edmunds Restaurant
    Lexington Street
  192. The Stonehouse PH
    Cresset Street
  193. The Windmill PH SE1
    Lamberth High Street
  194. Glashouse Walk
    Albert Embankment /Vauhhall Walk/Tyers Street
  195. New Spring Gardens Walk
    Goding Street/Albert Embankment
  196. Millhourbour
    Marswall/Ligtherman's Road in by Mastmaker Rd
  197. Wiltons Music Hall
    Grace's Alley/in By Ensing St Lve by Cable st
  198. Royal Mint Court
    Mansell Street/East Smithfield
  199. Bill's Restaurant W1
    Brewer Street/Lexington Street
  200. Limkokwing University
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