104: Training Requirement

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  1. State the purpose of a Human Performance Requirement Review (HPRR)
    Revalidate individual training requirements and or identify new training requirements
  2. State the periodicity of conducting a HPRR
    Conducting on Learning Center Courses of Instruction within a 36-month cycle, unless triggering event occurs requiring more frequency
  3. State the roles and reqponsibilities of the fowllowing for the HPRR process implementation and execution:
    A:  NETC
    B: NETC 7
    C: Learning Center Commanding Officer
    D: Learning Center Director of Training
    E: Learning Center Learning Standards Officer
    F: Learning Center HPRR Coordinator
    G: HPRR Executive Steering Committee
    H: Stakholders
    A: NETC// Provides policy and guidance.

    • B: NETC 7// Provides oversight of policy and guidance.
    • C: LCCO// Serves as CCA, chairs HPRR Executive Steering Committee(ESC).
    • D: LCDT// Provides HPRR oversight and guidance, member of ESC, reviews schedule and approves release of HPRR messages.
    • E: LCLSO// Manages HPRR process, provides gudance and assistance, drafts schedules, messages, manages HPRR NKO Website.
    • F: LCHC// Plans/ facilitates HPRR, meeting coordinator, collects and posts HPRR technical documentation, serves as CCMM
    • G: HESC// Required component, reviews, validates, and prioritizes HPRR Action Chits.
    • H: Stakeholders// Designated person within the commuity responsible for training requirements under HPRR review
  4. Discuss the input data that affects training requirement validation.
    TCCD, CTTL, PP, Unresolved HPRR Action Chits, Performance Issue documentation, Non academic Factor documentation, Occupational Standards(OCCSTDs), Navy Training System Plan(NTSP), Safety Issue documentation Job Duty Analysis(JDTA) Data.
  5. State the four triggers to conduct a HPRR.
    • Requests// by requirement sponsor
    • Fleet// Feedback
    • Course// Surveillacne
    • Curriculum// Control Authority(CCA) directed
  6. State and describe four HPRR messages
    • Annual HPRR Schedule Message
    • HPRR Announcement Messate
    • HPRR Agenda Message
    • HPRR Action Chit Message
  7. Explain the purpose of the HPRR action chit
    Summarizes the HPRR, date completed, links of CoP, lists quick wins, requests sponsors provide POA&M and provides POC information
  8. Explain the correlation of a FCR and the HPRR process
    FCR is focused on the schoolhouse versus the Center and serves to validate the HPRR effort and ensure the schoolhouse course managers.
  9. Explain the process for findings for submission during a FCR.
    Findings are assessments results of a FCR. Review team publishes the findings and establishes timelines for corrective action. Learning Site formally responds per approved POA&M
  10. Discuss the purpose of Training Requirement Identification and Resources Sponsor Commitment
    NETC requires a commitment from the resource sponsor that the requirement is valid and resources will be programmed and sustained.
  11. List the three forms of acceptable actions from a Resources Sponsor identifying the commitment of resources to a vilid training requirement
    • Naval message
    • Command letterhead letter
    • Digitally signed email
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