chapter 26

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  1. marketing
    the process or technique of promoting ; selling and distributing a product or service
  2. objectives
    something toward which effort is directed ; aims , goals , or ends of action
  3. outreach
    the process of using marketing and education strategies to reach and involve diverse audiences through the use of key messages and effective programs
  4. prosthetic
    the surgical or dental specialty concerned with the design , construction , artificial devices that replace a missing parts of the body
  5. tangible
    capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value
  6. target market
    a specific group of individuals toward whom the marketing plan is focused
  7. four P's
    • product
    • placement
    • price
    • promotion
  8. developing a plan these steps are
    • assessment
    • research
    • planning
    • evaluation
  9. deciding what services to offer

    • who the patients are
    • what the needs of the patient are
    • how to best serve the patients
    • ask patients what needs they have
  10. tapping into nearly free resources
    • websites
    • advice columns in newspapers
    • social networking sites
  11. advertising
    creating or changing attitudes , beliefs , and perceptions by influencing people with purchased broadcast time , print space
  12. public relations
    media coverage designed to present the orgainzation in a positive public light
  13. communication as a marketing tool
    • monthly newsletters
    • sending birthday cards
    • send holiday greetings
    • automated call distribution
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