Materials/Oral Hygiene

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  1. Air bubbles in a mix of plaster _____ the mixture?
    affects the strength of
  2. When working with mercury, a hygiene  precaution which must be followed is to?
    store scrap amalgam under water
  3. The composition of amalgam includes copper, silver?
    tin and zinc
  4. When mixing ZOE for use in a dry socket, a ____ is used?
    parchment pad
  5. When making a shellac baseplate, a safety precaution that must be observed is to avoid?
  6. A Class II cavity requires a?
    tofflemire retainer/band
  7. When seating a crown or bridge, the consistency of the cement should be?
    thick enough to form a 1/2 inch strand when lifted off the slab
  8. Plaster will emit warmth after mixing because?
    of setting reaction
  9. Construction of custom trays calls for what type of resin material?
    acrylic resin
  10. Custom trays are constructed primarily for the purpose of?
    having a tray that fits the patients mouth for final impressions
  11. Wedges are placed to?
    stabilize the matrix,insure proper contacts, separate the teeth
  12. Shellac baseplates are used to?
    form tissue area of occlusion rims
  13. To take a preliminary impression for a full denture the material used may be?
    irreversible hydrocolloid
  14. When taking a preliminary impression, the compound heater temperature should be?
    132 degrees F
  15. In a bonding process the composite resins are used together with?
    acid-etch technique
  16. Pit and fissure sealant polymerizes as a result of?
    light or self curing
  17. Moisture contamination of amlagam results in?
    delayed expansion, internal corrosion, decrease in strength
  18. The proper time to pour alginate impressions is?
  19. The purpose of condencing amalgam is to
    strengthen the restoration, adapt materials to the cavity walls, eliminate excess mercury
  20. A safe mercury vapor level in an 8 hour day is?
    0.05 mgl m3air
  21. The monomer of the acrylic is the?
  22. When constructing a custom acrylic tray, placing it in warm water will?
    speed up polymerization
  23. The main ingredient(s) of reversible hydrocolloid is/are?
    water and agar
  24. The polymer of an acrylic is the?
  25. What is a gypsum product?
    plaster, stone, investment
  26. One of plasters uses is?
  27. The final setting time of dental stone is?
    the model can be separated from the impression
  28. The amount of water used to mix gypsum products is related to?
    the irregularity of the gypsum particles
  29. The consistency of a mixed cement is its measure or ability to?
    flow under pressure
  30. The monomers used with zinc phosphate cement powders are?
    phosphoric acids
  31. The initial setting time of plaster is?
    10 minutes
  32. Impression material may be classified as?
    rigid, plastic, and elastic
  33. Food, debris and bacteria is known as?
  34. Water irrigators are used to?
    stimulate oral tissues
  35. Disclosing tablets are used to?
    detect plaque
  36. A vitamin deficiency that causes many periodontal problems is?
  37. The test that is used to measure the Ph of saliva is?
  38. The periodontal probe is placed between the tissue and tooth surface to?
    measure the depth of a pocket
  39. The Snyder test is used to estimate the count of?
    lactobacillus acidophilis
  40. A patient's proficiency in oral hygiene skills may be evaluated with a?
    plaque index
  41. The main purpose of dental corrective measures s to?
    restore dental health
  42. Dental disease is caused by?
    uncontrolled plaque
  43. An interdental cleansing aid is?
  44. A recommended concentration of flouride in drinking water is proximately ___ parts per million?
  45. The most acceptable method of gingival massage tooth brushing is?
    interporximal brushes
  46. A thorough dental examination includes?
    a soft tissue examination, tooth examination, a radiographic survey
  47. The proper steps used to obtain a Snyder test specimen for a child are?
    to swab the tooth surfaces with cotton, stab the swab into medium, break off the swab, cap the tube, and incubate
  48. When measuring the gingival sulcus, the probe is placed?
    between the tooth surface and the tissue
  49. Obtaining of a diet record of a patient is to?
    have the patients recognize their habits of ingesting food
  50. A gel that is applied to the teeth and has been demonstrated by clinical studies to have a caries preventing affect on teeth contains?
    acidulated phosphate flouride
  51. Once plaque has been throughly removed, it will take ___ hours to form again?
  52. Subgingival plaque may be controlled by using a rinse containing?
    chlorhexydine gluconate 0.2%
  53. Plaque should be removed?
  54. A deficiency of riboflavin may cause?
  55. Organisms that can live either in the presence or absence of oxygen are?
    faculative organisms
  56. The most effective way to remove plaque from interproximal sufaces is?
  57. An occlusal dental sealant would not be indicated?
    when the tooth has decay
  58. A nonbacterial structure composed of complex sugar protein molecules which are a product of the saliva are?
    acquired pellicle
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