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  1. What is the E/W corridor on the north side?
    US 80Image Upload
  2. What 3 roads access Crawford?
    • US 80 W of PC
    • Boswell Rd N of Sandfort Rd.
    • AL 169 N of Sandfort Rd.
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  3. Where is Nuckols Rd.?
    • It runs N from Oswachee Rd to AL 165 at Flournoys.
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  4. Where are "The Bridges" on AL 169
    • Just N of Sandfort Rd at Uchee Creek
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  5. Where is Sandfort Rd.?
    • It runs E/W S of US 80, from US 431 near PC to N Uchee Rd on the W.
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  6. Where is Colbert Rd?
    • It runs S off of AL 26 just E of Hatthechubbee a short distance to Blanding Rd.
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  7. What is the N/S corridor on the W side?
    • AL 51 from Hurtsboro to the county line on the N.
    • Also part of Rutherford Rd.
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  8. What 2 roads access Ladonia?
    • US 80 W of PC
    • Woodland Dr. N of Sandfort Rd.
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  9. What 2 roads make up the central E/W corridor?
    • AL 26 W of US 431
    • Oswachee Rd to the E.
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  10. Where is Blanding Rd.?
    • It runs E off of Antioch Rd. just S of Hatchechubbee to Colbert Rd.
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  11. What 3 roads access Hatchechubbee?
    • AL 26 E/W
    • Uchee Rd. to the N
    • Antioch Rd. to the S.
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  12. Where is N Uchee Rd.?
    • It runs E from AL 51 to the intersection of Haddock Rd., Sandfort Rd., & Uchee Rd.
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  13. What 3 roads form a path from US 431 just S of Seale to Cottonton, in order N-S?
    • Howard Rd.
    • Firetower Rd.
    • Gatewood Rd.
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  14. Where is Shirley Dr.
    • It is off of Bluff Creek Rd.
    • Bluff Creek Rd. is E off of AL 165 just N of Firetower Rd.
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  15. What 3 roads access Seale?
    • US 431 N/S
    • AL 26 to the W
    • Oswachee Rd. to the E.
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  16. What is the N/S corridor on the E side?
    • AL 165
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  17. What 3 roads make up the S side corridor?
    • Prudence Rd. to the W of US 431
    • Rutherford Rd. W from Prudence Rd. to Hurtsboro
    • Cottonton Rd. to the E.
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  18. Where is Haddock Rd
    • It runs S from Hugley Rd to Sandfort Rd
    • Image Upload
  19. Where is Greenburt Rd.?
    • It runs N from Cottonton Rd. just E of US 431 to Oswachee Rd. at Nuckols Rd.
    • Image Upload
  20. Where is Bluff Creek Rd.?
    • Bluff Creek Rd. runs E of AL 165 just N of Firetower Rd.
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  21. What 3 roads access Hurtsboro?
    • AL 26 traveling W from US 431
    • Rutherford Rd. traveling NW from Prudence Rd
    • AL 51 traveling S from N Uchee Rd.
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  22. What 3 roads access Pittsview?
    • US 431 N/S
    • Prudence Rd from the W
    • Cottonton Rd from the E
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  23. Where is Brown Rd?
    • It runs from US 80 near AL 169 S to Padgetts
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  24. Where is Padgetts Rd.?
    • It runs E/W south of US 80 from AL 169 westward to Hugley Rd.
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  25. Where is Hugley Rd.?
    • It runs SW from US 80 W of Crawford to AL 51 intersecting Padgetts Rd
    • and N Uchee Rd along the way
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  26. Where is Hitchitie Rd?
    • It runs S from Padgetts Rd to Sandfort Rd 
    • Image Upload
  27. Where is Carden Rd?
    • It runs E/W from Sandfort Rd to the intersection of AL 169 & US 431. It intersects Sandfort Rd at the sharp turn.
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  28. Where is Clark Rd.?
    It runs W from US 431 to intersect Sandfort Rd just E of Boswell RdImage Upload
  29. Where is Villula Rd.?
    • It is a short Rd that connects US 431 to Howard Rd just S of Seale
    • Image Upload
  30. What 2 streets connect US 431 and S Seale Rd. and connect to each end of Prentis Dr. (The SO)?
    • Third St S on the N end by the Helipad and
    • Fifth St S on the S end by the fuel pumps.
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  31. Where is Upshaw Flats Rd.?
    • It runs S off of Prudence Rd. between Rutherford Rd. and US 431
    • and continues to the S county line.
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  32. What highway runs N from US 431 to Crawford?
    • AL 169
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  33. What road runs E from the intersection of AL 165 and Oswachee Rd.
    • Owens Rd.
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  34. Where is Rutherford Rd.
    • It begins at Bullock Co. in the SW corner of RC and continues SE to Prudence Rd.
    • then turns S and continues to the S county line.Image Upload
  35. Where is Woodland Dr.?
    • It runs S from US 80 at Ladonia to Sandfort Rd
    • Image Upload
  36. Where is the Drag Strip?
    • It is at the intersection of Woodland Dr. S of Ladonia and Sandfort Rd.
    • It can also be accessed from Freeman Rd. W of US 431 and S of CVCC to Sandfort Rd. and turn R 
    • Image Upload
  37. Where is Freeman Rd.?
    • It runs W of US431 just S of CVCC to Sandfort Rd. at the Drag Strip
    • Image Upload
  38. Where is Camp Parkman Rd.?
    • It runs diagonally NW from Sandfort Rd. to Boswell Rd.
    • Image Upload
  39. Where is Ridge Rd.?
    • It runs NE from Oswachee Rd. E of Seale to Tarver Rd.
    • (Tarver Rd. then continues to Nuckols Rd.)Image Upload
  40. Where is S Seale Rd.?
    • It runs parallel to US 431.
    • It is slightly SE of US 431.
    • It starts at the fork near the Dillingham St. bridge and continues S to re-intersect US 431 near the AL 165 intersection.
    • Image Upload
  41. Where is Brickyard Rd.?
    • It runs E and then curves to the N from AL 165 just S of the US 431 intersection to 5th Ave. at Dillingham St.
    • Image Upload
  42. Where is Antioch Rd.?
    • It runs N from Prudence Rd. to Blanding Rd. S of Hatchechubbee (L on Blanding Rd. to get to Hatchechubbee) 
    • Image Upload
  43. Where is Zion Hill Rd.?
    It runs S from Hatchechubbee to Prudence Rd. just E of Rutherford Rd.Image Upload
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