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  1. bacterial vaginosis with erythema and peripheral satellites
    yeast vaginitis (candidiasis)
  2. grey or yellow-green frothy discharge
    trichomonas vaginalis
  3. "strawberry vagina(cervix)" with punctate cervical hemorrhages
    Trichomonas vaginlais
  4. "clue cells" in wet mount
    **have a minimum of 75% of their margins obliterated by bacterai**
    epithelial cells with many bacteria on them, indicative of bacterial vaginosis
  5. G- diplococci in PMNs
  6. milky discharge from penis with no lesions
  7. thickening of labia minora skin and mucosa with flat condyloma
    multiple protuberant warts
    HPV 6 or 11
  8. Ulceratind vulval papules and enlarged inguinal LN
    Chlamydia trachomatis
  9. Ulcerating vulval tender papules and ulcerating nodules with tender enlarged inguinal LN
    Haemophilus ducreyi
  10. sq cell cn that deveolped in VIN
    HPV 16, 18 or 31
  11. cyst on lateral wall of vagina
    Gartner duct cyst- remnants of wolffian duct
  12. DES (Diethylstilbestrol) exposure in utero predisoposes woman to what
    Vaginal adenosis and clear cell cn of vagina
  13. hobnail cells
    clear cell cn (seen with vaginal adenosis clear cell tumor of ovary)
  14. rhabdomyoblasts with cross striations
    sarcoma botryoides (embryolnal rhabdomyosarcoma)
  15. ulcerating nodulaes on vulva with "donovan bodies"
    Klebsiella granulomatis
  16. cyst outside vagina on vulva
    batholian cyst
  17. cysts on cervix
    nagothian gland cyst
  18. cervical motion tenderness
    a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease
  19. fat stranding &/or frozen pelvis
  20. e0 skin inflammatory disease
    pemphigoid and herpes gestationis
  21. n0 skin inflammatory conditions
    dermatitis hepatiformis (celiac dz association)
  22. lymphocyte skin inflammatory conditions
    erythem multiforme and Lichen planus (rare blistering variant)
  23. subnuclear endometrial vacuoles
    ovualtion during early secratory phase
  24. saw-tooth glands, spiral arteries and decidual cells
    late secretory phase
  25. plasma cells on endometrial biopsy
    • chronic endometritis
    • **lymphocytes seen in normal endometrial tissue, it is the plasma cell presence that is indicative**
  26. endometrial glands and hemosiderin
  27. tamoxifen administration may predispose women to
    endometrial polyp
  28. amenorrhea with thick and smoothe ovary
    • PCOS
    • lack of ovulation=> amenorrhea and smoothe ovarian surface
  29. MC bilateral ovarian tumor
    serous cystadenocarcinoma
  30. CA-125+
    ovarian tumor serum marker
  31. Psammoma bodies
    serous cystadenocarcinoma
  32. cyst with papillae covered in stratified epithelium
    boderline serous/mucinous tumor
  33. coffee bean nuclei
    brenner tumor of ovary
  34. Schiller-Duval bodies (resemble a glomerulus)
    yolk sac/ endodermal sinus tumor (M)
  35. AFP+ germ cell tumor
    yolk sac tumor
  36. Call-Exner bodies (follicular structures)(small gland like structures that contains acidophilic material)
    Granulosa cell tumor
  37. gross: pale fleshy cut surface, yellowish fatty areas
    histo: spindle cells with abundant lipid
  38. tumor associated with pleural effusion and ascites
    • fibroma
    • excision curative
  39. Reinkes crystals
    sertoli-leydig cell tumor
  40. U/L solid hemorrhagic cystic tumor
    Sertoli-Leydig tumor
  41. spontaneuos, bloody or serous, single duct discharge
    Intraductal papilloma, rule out cancer
  42. breast biopsy with plasma cells
    • mamillary duct ectasia
    • inflammation and dilation of subareolar ducts
  43. well circumscribed, mobile, marble like mass
  44. tumor associated with pleural effusion and acites
    • =Meigs syndrome
    • fibroma (sex cord tumor)
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