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  1. What to consider in Web marketing (5)
    • 1. Budget
    • 2. Market share
    • 3. Competition (makes keywords go up)
    • 4. CPC, CTR, Conversion rate
    • 5. Profit per conversion
  2. Typical ad specs
    • Include title, URL, text
    • Include phone # (may get a call w/out a click)
  3. SEO (5)
    • Register your page
    • Keyword density low
    • Keywords near top (in headers)
    • Use meta description tags
    • Use sticks (BBB, Hacker safe, etc.)
  4. table syntax
    Table - tr - th - td
  5. Computer Network
    Collection of computers that are interconnected and can send messages to any computer based on IP address
  6. Name the network and specs:
    Distributed network

    • many paths to each node
    • the internet!
  7. Name the network and specs:
    Cluster network

    Also known as a decentralized network

    Good for replicated databases across large distances
  8. Name the network and specs:
    Peer to Peer (P2P) - each computer serves as client and server. ALl is shared between computers except that which is locked down
  9. Name the network and specs:
    • Centralized network
    • Star topography

    All clients hit a central server
  10. Web server as file server
    browser does most of work. Server just provides static HMTL file to client
  11. The Internet
    network of networks

    Collection of LANs, wide are networks, and communcation backbones
  12. Packet Switching packets name at the internet layer:
    IP packets
  13. Packet Switching packets name at the link layer:
  14. Ports

    file transfer
    Web server
    Identify service or applicaiton:

    • SMTP, POP3, IMAP
    • FTP
    • HTTP
  15. CSS font type (helvetica, times)
  16. CSS font size
    font-size (px, pt, em)
  17. CSS class "caution"
  18. CSS id caution
  19. Defining CSS in HTML
    use style tag

    <style type="text/css">
  20. Defining javascript in HTML
    <script type="text/javascript">
  21. Single line comment vs multi line (java)
    // single

    /* multi */
  22. Javascript remainder
  23. javascript equal to and not equal to
    • ==
    • !=
  24. Javascript And / Or
    • &&
    • ||
  25. Switch statements require " "
    break to get out of current logic
  26. Array
    like variables stored together
  27. javascript write on website (html)
    document.write (" ")
  28. XML uses these types of relationships
  29. ASPnet Comment
    use apostrophe
  30. remainder in ASPNET
  31. equals and not equal to (ASPNET)
    = and <>
  32. ASPNET for loop
    • for x = 1 to 5
    • response.write ()
    • Next
  33. Nothing (integers and strings)
    Does not apply as these are always set to some initial value

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