APWH Medieval Period

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  1. Explain the reason why Islam spread so easy?
    • Islam spread easily because:
    • It offered equality
    • It was flexible
    • It was simple
    • It was unified
  2. Identify changes and continuities in the Islamic world.
    • Changes:
    • Arabic spread promoting literacy

    • Continuities:
    • Monotheism
    • Duelism
  3. Describe Islamic culture
    • Five pillars
    • "Persian" style government with a governor for every city-state
    • The Shir'iah was the law 
    • Is a syncretism of Cristian and Jewish beliefs
    • Pray everyday five times a day towards Mecca
    • Every Muslim had to go on a journey to Mecca called the "Hajj"
    • Every Muslim had to know Arabic
    • The holy book was called the Qu'ran 
    • The deeds of Muhammad was called the Haddith
    • Had a art style of excluding figures so to aviod idol worship
    • The Ulama was a religious expert
    • The Qadi was a legal expert
    • Ruled undar a Caliphate
    • Muslims were tolerant to other religions
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