HSII Ch. 11

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  1. types of blood cells
    • RBC (erythrocytes)
    • WBC (leukocytes)
    • platelets (thrombocytes)
  2. types of WBC
    • nongrandular: lymphocyte & monocytes
    • grandular: neutrophils, esinophils, & basophil
  3. blood types
    • A+, A-
    • B+, B-
    • AB+, AB-
    • O+, O-
  4. blood plasma definition
    blood minus its cells
  5. blood plasma composition
    water containing many dissolved substances (food, salts, hormones)
  6. blood plasma amounts
    • varies w/size & sex
    • 4-6L is about the average
    • about 7%-9% of body weight
  7. blood count
    • RBC: 4.5-5 million per mm3 of blood
    • WBC: 5k-10k per mm3 of blood
    • platelets: 300k per mm3 of blood
  8. what does red bone marrow do?
    • (aka myeloid tissue)
    • forms all blood cells except some lumphocytes & monocytes, which are formed by lymphatic tissue in lymph nodes, thymus, & spleen
  9. RBC structure
    disk shaped w/no nuclei
  10. RBC functions
    transport O2 & CO2
  11. anemia
    inability of blood to carry adequate O2 to tissues
  12. anemia is caused by
    • inadequate RBC numbers
    • deficiency in hemoglobin
  13. Polycythemia
    abnormally high RBC count
  14. hematocrit test
    medical test where a centrifuge is used to seperate whole blood into formed elements & liquid fraction
  15. normal RBC level
    about 15%
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