Breath Sounds

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  1. Eupnea
    normal breathing rate and patters
  2. Tachypnea
    increased respiratory rate

    • causes
    •      fever, anxiety, exercise, shock
  3. Bradypnea
    decreased respiratory rate

    • causes
    •      sleep, drugs, metabolic disorder, head injury, stroke
  4. Apnea
    absence of breathing

    • causes
    •      deceased patient, head injury, stroke
  5. Hyperpnea
    normal rate, but deep respirations

    • causes
    •      emotional stress, diabetic ketoacidosis
  6. Cheyne-Stokes
    gradual increases and decreases in respirations with periods of apnea

    • causes
    •      increasing intracranial pressure, brainstem injury
  7. Biot's
    rapid, deep respirations (gasps) with short pauses between sets

    • causes
    •      spinal meningitis, many CNS causes, head injury
  8. Kussmaul's
    tachypnea and hyperpnea

    • causes
    •      renal failure, metabolic acidosis, diabetic ketoacidosis
  9. Apneustic
    prolonged inspiratory phase with shortened expiratory phase

    • causes
    •      lesion in brainstem
  10. Tracheal Sound
    • very loud, harsh
    • over trachea

    • duration
    •      nearly equal inspiratory and expiratory phase
  11. Bronchial
    • loud, high pitch, hollow
    • over the manubrium

    • duration
    •      prolonged expiratory phase
  12. Bronchovesicular
    • soft, breezy, lower pitch
    • between the scapulae/2nd-3rd lateral to the sternum

    • duration
    •      approximately equal inspiratory and expiratory phases
  13. Vesicular
    • soft, swishy, lowest pitch
    • lung periphery

    • duration
    •      prolonged inspiratory phase
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