Haley's Vocabulary 10/22

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  1. astonished
    V. to surprise greatly; amaze: We were astonished by the child’s remarkable memory. V. as·ton·ished, as·ton·ish·ing.
  2. gratitude
    N. kindly feeling because of a favor received; desire to do a favor in return; thankfulness. (Gratitude comes from the Latin word gratia meaning “favor.”)
  3. procession
    N. something that moves forward; persons marching or riding: The opening procession started at noon.
  4. behavior
    N. manner of behaving; way of acting: Her sullen behavior showed that she was angry.
  5. benefactor
    N. person who has given money or kindly help. (Benefactor comes from two Latin words, bene meaning “well” or “good” and facere meaning “do.”)
  6. distribution
    N. the act of giving some to each, of dividing and giving out in shares.
  7. recommend
    V. to speak in favor of; suggest favorably: The teacher recommended him for the job. V. rec·om·men·ded, rec·om·mend·ing.
  8. sacred
    1. ADJ. worthy of reverence: the sacred memory of a dead hero. 2. ADJ. not to be violated or is regarded: a sacred promise. (Sacred comes from a Latin word sacrare meaning “holy.”)
  9. tradition
    N. custom or belief handed down from generation to generation. According to tradition, Betsy Ross made the first American flag. N. PL. tra·di·tions.
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