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  1. All orgainisms are composed of one or more cells & Basic unit for structure functions
    All living things are made of cells
    All cells come from pre-existing cells
    Cell Theory
  2. A semi-permiable barrier that holds all cells together and controlls what can and cant enter the cell.
    -See coloring for phospholipids bi-lager with protein structure 
    Cell (plasma) Membrane
  3. Controll center of the cell that contains chromosomes made of DNA (your genes are located on your chromosomes) The information encoded on your chromosomes tells your ribosomes how to make the diffrent proteins tha make you.
  4. Inside the Nucleus
    Makes ribosomes (out of DNA)
  5. Located floating in the cytosol or  attached to Endoplasmic reticulum. They assemble Amino Acids into protein using instruction from DNA
  6. A watery protein fluid gel that supports and nourishes cell parts
  7. The powerhouse of the cell, site of cellular respiration, converts the energy found in food to cellular energy (ATP)
  8. Production and Transportation tubes of cell.  2 types:
    Smooth E.R: produces and transports carbs and lipids also detoxifyes poisons
    Rough ER: Has ribosomes attatched to it to produce and transport protein
    • Endoplasmis Reticulum
    • (The thing inside the cell - that goes back and forth)
  9. Add finishing touches, sort, prepare and package cell products into vesicles for transport through and out of the cell
    • Golgi Apparatus
    • (Thing-a-ma-jig)
  10. "Suicide sac" contains enzymes to digest and recycle wate, infectious agents and warn out cell parts
    • Lysosomes
    • (Split-bodys)
  11. Constantly changing support framework that anchors organelles and moves cell parts. Made of mitochondria and microfilimants.
    • Cytoskeleton 
    • (Cell - skeleton)
  12. Stores water. Very large in plant cells. provides them with turgur preassure
  13. NOT IN PLANT CELLS! Set up Spindell aperatus in mitosis to move chromosomes to opposite sides of the cell and in cell divison.
  14. Hairlike cytoplasmic extensions that sweep back and forth (Crowd surrfing) Respritiory tract and fallopian tubes.
    Cilia (Goes with Flagella)
  15. "Tail" that propels sperm cells forward
    Flagella (goes with Cilia)
  16. Plants have: Large vacuoles, Cellulose cell walls, chloroplast (plastids)
    Animals have: Centrioles
    4 diffrences between plant and animal cells
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