history test 3

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  1. what groups supported change to constitution?
  2. what was the excuse to change the articles to a strong central government?
    • 1. couldnt pay creditors & had no taxing authority
    • 2. couldnt regulate interstate commerce
    • 3. couldnt protect shipping
    • 4. no national diplomacy
    • 5. couldnt amend articles without unanimous consent 
  3. what groups were delegates to the constitutional convention?
    55 men from 12 states & all wealthymen of property 
  4. who wrote the federalist papers?
    hamiltion, madison & jay
  5. what did the bill of rights do?
    gave america confidence in their government & protected them & the constitution. 
  6. what were the parts of hamiltions finiancial plan?
    funding & assumption, national bank, & report ono manufactiory. 
  7. what did hamiltion use to get the first two passed?
    southern support
  8. what issue caused the split into political parties?
    foreign affairs feds favored the british and dem-repub favored the french 
  9. who were the leaers of the two fractions?
    feds under hamiltion and dem-repubs under jefferson 
  10. what did jays and pickneys treaties do?
    • jays opened trade, got compensation for sips but he had to pay compensation to loyalists. 
    • pickneys allowed spain to recognize the southern & western boundaries of the us - new orleans trade
  11. what were the parts of the alien & sedition acts?
    • alien 
    • 1. could deport a countrys citizens in time peace
    • 2. could imprison a countrys citizens in time of war
    • 3. naturalization, increased the time to become a citizen 

    • sedition acts 
    • 1. dont write or talk agains the gov. 
  12. the virginia and kentucky resolutions defended what right?
    protected the citizens and prevented the government from over stepping thier boundaries. 
  13. what did washington oppose in his farwell adress? **
    avoid sectionalism, entangling foreign alliances, avoid factionalism **
  14. what is the XYZ affair?
    adams send party to negotiate with french. hamiltion & feds wanted war, but adams didn't instead he made peace. 
  15. 12th amendment was?
    required people to vote for president and VP seperately 
  16. louisiana purchase was bough from whom and who explored it for us?
    it was bought from france & explored by lewis and clarke. 
  17. what is limited & strict interpretation of the constitution?
    • limited- do only what the constitution tells you to do. 
    • strict- exactly what it says. 
  18. what were the 14th 15th and 16th states** 
    vermont, kentucky, and tennessee **
  19. supreme court decision that caused judicial review?
    marbury vs madison
  20. supreme court decision that said states cannot regulate inerstate commerce
    gibbons vs ogden 
  21. supreme court decision that states cant interfere with charter rights
    darmouth college vs woodward 
  22. supreme court decision that states cant tax federal property
    mcculoch vs maryland 
  23. what is an embargo?
    official ban, restraint, or prohibition 
  24. what battles made andrew & jackson william henry heroes?
    • harrison, defeated indians in northwest in 1812
    • jackson, gaurded new orleans & beat the british treaty at GHENT. 
  25. what was the hartford convention?
    1819 feds meet here to decidde on war & tariff dem repubs take it the wrong way therefore it destroys the federalist party 
  26. what four things made cotton king?
    • 1. invention of the cotton gin
    • 2. steamboat
    • 3. slavery
    • 4. taking land from the sw indians. 
  27. what were the three elements of clays american plan?**
    • 1. high tariffs for protection of "infant industries" 
    • 2. protect banks to stabalize currency 
    • 3. improvement in roads etc * * 
  28. what were the parts of the missouri and 1850 comprimise?
    • missouri
    • 1. admit missouri as a slave state
    • 2. admit maine as a free state
    • 3. forbid slavery north 36^30 in the lousiana purch 
    • 1850
    • 1. cali is a free state
    • 2. utah and new mexico slavery to be declared
    • 3. slavery abolished in washington 
  29. what three things changed the local economy to a market one?
    land opens tidewater region, canal between erie lake & hudson river, & north and south building increase because of rivers 
  30. what was the monroe doctrine and who wrote it?
    written by john quincy adams, it is so european lands power should not try to get or expand lands in western hemisphere & the us would not interefere with european affairs 
  31. what was the corrupt bargain of 1824?
    adams made clay seceratary of state so jackson followers labeled it the "corrupt b"
  32. what were three incidents of nullification before the civil war ?*
    whiskey rebellion, virginia & ky resolution, and sc tariff of abominations
  33. what as the eaton affair and why did it make van buren pres?
    eatons wife was scandelous so everyone ignored her - cabinet resigns - buren is the only successor left so he becomes president 
  34. what was the oregon territory dispute and why did polk have to settle it first?
    oregon was split between britain & america polk was chosen to settle because of his manifest destiny approach 
  35. qhy did many people oppose the annexation of texas?
    • a. texas was allowed slavery 
    • b. spain still claimed texas
    • c. purchase price was too high 
    • d. texas was too large to be a state
  36. what three men died at the alamo? **
    santa ana, crockett, & bowie

  37. who commanded the texan army?
    sam huston 
  38. who won the battles of buena vista and chapultepec?
  39. what did polk want from the winning of the mexican war?
    to end the conflicts with mexico over texas & california in a way favorable to the u.s
  40. who was john c fremont?
    commander of california, first canidate for anti slavery in the republican party 
  41. what was polks nickname?
    young hickory 
  42. did polk have a legit reason for the mexican war?
    yes- mexican armys attacked an american outpost 
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