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  1. Why was Britain needing money?
    French and Indian war cost a lot

    Needed money to pay for protecting and defending the colonies

    So they TAXED the colonies
  2. Who was Britain's Prime Minister (President)
    George Grenville
  3. Who is King George III
    King of Britain
  4. What is Parliament?
    Law makers of Britain (like the US Senators)
  5. What was the Stamp Act of 1765?
    Tax for anything printed (such as newspapers, playing cards)
  6. What is a tariff?
    A tax
  7. Who is Patrick Henry?
    He gave brave speeches about the colonists rights.

    Courage to stand up and say what he believed.
  8. Who said, "No taxation without representation"
    Patrick Henry
  9. What was the Stamp Act Congress
    Group of colonists who met in New York and voted to repeal (cancel) the Stamp Act
  10. What does Join or Die mean?
    Colonies should work together
  11. Who was Samuel Adams?
    Started Sons of Liberty
  12. What was the Sons of Liberty?
    Group to burn stamps

    Threatened the Stamp Agents

    Dumped tea in Boston Harbor for Tea Party
  13. What does a Stamp Agent do?
    Collect (taxes) money due for the Stamp
  14. What was the Townshend Act?
    Britain started taxing the colonies on imported items
  15. What is boycott?
    Refusing to buy goods or items from Britain
  16. Who is Mercy Otis Warren?
    Female writer who encouraged people to boycott Britain
  17. What was the Daughters of Liberty?
    Colonists who helped make things (cloth and fabric) so you wouldn't have to buy them from Britain.
  18. What did the taxes do to the colonies?
    Made them work together (cooperation) against Britain
  19. What did the Daughters of Liberty and the Sons of Liberty have in common?
    Patriots (supporters of the colonies)
  20. What happened after the Townshend Act?
    1.  The colonies had a boycott for items from Britain

    2.  British businesses lost money

    3.  Made Britain mad and they sent war ships
  21. What was the Boston Massacre?
    British soldiers killed 5 people in Boston
  22. Who was Crispus Attucks?
    Slave killed in the Boston Massacre
  23. Who was John Adams?
    Cousin of Samuel Adams. 

    Lawyer for the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre
  24. What was the Tea Act?
    Britain told the colonies they had to:

    1.  ONLY buy their tea from the East India Company

    2.  Colonists had to pay tax on the tea
  25. What was the Committee of Correspondence?
    Started by Samuel Adams

    Colonies would write letters to tell each other what was happening

    Created Express Riders
  26. Who was Paul Revere?
    Express Rider who could ride the fastest and farthest to deliver the letters and messages from one colony to another
  27. What was the Boston Tea Party?
    Sons of Liberty dressed like Indians and dumped tea in the Boston Harbor
  28. What did Britain think of the Boston Tea Party?
    They were MAD...

    1.  sent soldiers to Boston

    2.  sent Thomas Gage (British Army General)

    3.  Port (Harbor) closed until they paid for the tea
  29. What were the Intolerable Acts?
    Laws passed by Britain to punish the Colonies
  30. What were the 2 sides the Colonists were divided?
    Patriots - opposed (or against) Britain

    Loyalists - supported Britain
  31. What was the First Continental Congress?
    Representatives from all colonies except Georgia who met in Philadelphia

    George Washington was there
  32. What was decided in the First Continental Congress?
    1.  Stop ALL trade with Britain

    2.  Train the militia (volunteer army - called Minutemen
  33. Who were the Minutemen?
    Militia - The name of the voluteer army
  34. Who said,"Give me Liberety of Give me Death"?
    Patrick Henry
  35. What happened on April 18, 1775?
    Paul Revere's Ride to warn the militias in Lexington that the British weere coming
  36. Who joined Paul Revere to go to Concord and tell of the British invasion?
    William Dawes (escaped in woods) and Samuel Prescott (made it to Concord)
  37. Who was John Parker?
    Captain of the Lexington Minutemen
  38. What was the first Battle of the American Revolution?
    Battle of Lexington and won by the British

    "Shot heard round the world"
  39. What was the Battle at North Bridge in Concord?
    The Patriots defeat the British
  40. What is the American Revolution?
    War Americans fought for independence
  41. What was the Battle of Bunker Hill?
    British attacked 3 times on Breed's Hill and finally won but it took them three tries
  42. July 4, 1776?
    Declaration of Independence from Great Britain
  43. Second Contental Congress
    One year later they met in Philadelphia

    Formed the Continental Army
  44. What did George Washington do in the American Revolution?
    Leader of the Minutemen and named the General and Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army 
  45. What was the Olive Branch Petition
    Letter sent by Congress to King George III

    If more freedom then we will stay loyal to Britain and avoid war

    King refused to read it
  46. Thomas Paine
    Patriot writer who published pamphlet called "Common Sense" to encourage people to declare independence and part with Great Britain
  47. Richard Henry Lee
    Member of Congress from Virginia who asked for vote of independence from Great Britain
  48. Thomas Jefferson
    Author of Declaration of Independence (2 weeks)

    from Virginia
  49. Declaration of Independence
    Everyone is created equal

    People are born with certain unalienable rights (can't be taken away given by our Creator, God)

    People should control the Government not the Government controlling the people

    taxing was wrong
  50. What is a traitor?
    Person who works against their country

    (King George III wouldn't like the signers of the Declaration)
  51. Name some Patriots?
    • George Washington
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Paul Revere
    • Samuel Adams
    • John Hancock
    • Samuel Prescott
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