Module 4

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  1. Describe how nursing qualifies as a profession.
  2. —Define and differentiate the roles of the California Board of Registered Nursing, National League for Nursing, American Nurses Association, and the National Student Nurse Association.
    • California Board of Registered Nursing- A registered nurse shall be considered to be competent when he/she consistently demonstrates the ability to transfer scientific knowledge from social, biological and physical sciences in applying the nursing process.
    • National League for Nursing- its objective is to foster the development and improvement of all nursing services and nursing education.
    • American Nurses Association- the purposes of the ANA are to foster high standers of nursing practice and to promote the educational and professtional advancement of nurses so that all people may have better nursing care.
    • National Student Nurse Association- is the official preprofessional organization for nursing students.
  3. —Describe educational avenues into the Practice of Nursing.
    • Educational programs available for nurses include practical, registered nursing, graduate nursing, continuing education, and in-service.
    • Currently, three major educational routes lead to RN licensure: Diploma, Associate degree, and Baccalaureate programs.
  4. —Differentiate between continuing education/lifelong learning/career/mobility/ In-service education.
  5. —Identify other nursing/health care providers and their roles.
  6. —Discuss government agencies legislation and public health policy.
  7. —List and describe the role that other health care professionals bring to the health care settings.
  8. —Describe the role of the registered nurse (RN) in interacting with other healthcare professionals.
  9. —Discuss ethics, morality, and values in nursing.
  10. —Discuss ethical concepts and principles in nursing.
  11. —Describe morality and Moral Values.
  12. —Describe the nurses role as a patient advocate and obtaining informed consent.
  13. —Differentiate between personal, societal, and group morality.
  14. —Discuss legal issues in nursing and the Regulation of Nursing Practice.
  15. —Describe social and governmental factors which impact nursing practice.
  16. —Discuss the ethical, legal, and safety issues surrounding the use of Restraints
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Nursing Objectives
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