Applied Exam 3.2

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  1. In assessing whether energy or protein is the primary limiting nutrient for beef cattle grazing forage, what two variables bust be assessed?
    • 1. Forage Availablility
    • 2. Cow BCS (body condition score)
  2. Energy is the primary concern if _______.
    • 1.LOW BCS
    • 2.Limited forage availability
  3. When a cow is thin or has a low BCS what is the primary feeding concern?
  4. When forage is limited for cattle what is the primary feeding concern?
  5. If we have adequate forage but cows are thin what should we do?
    Supplement: high energy, lower %CP feed from by-product feedstuff with added minerals and vitamins to satisfy deficiencies.
  6. If forage availability is limited what can we do?
    • Substitution: energy must be supplied by harvested forages for grass that is not available.
    • Supplement: other deficiencies must be met with high energy, low protein feeds plus added minerals and vitamins
  7. When energy is the primary concern, what is our goal?
    To utilize the cheapest form of TDN available that meets our nutritional needs.
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