The Monkeys Paw

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  1. aghast (uh-GAST)
    • adjective; shocked or horrifie
    • example: I was aghast at the sight of the car crash.
  2. burly (BUR-lee)
    adjective; muscular and heavily built

    • example: People are always telling my burly friend Matt that he should try out for the football team,
    • but he can’t catch a pass to save his life.
  3. fakir (fuh-KEER)
    noun; a Muslim or Hindu holy man; fakirs are generally believed to havemiraculous powers

    example: A crowd gathered to watch the fakir lie on a bed of nails.
  4. jar (JAHR)
    verb; to startle, unsettle, disturb, or irritate

    example: The sudden blare of the car alarm jarred me.
  5. liability (lye-uh-BILL-ih-tee)
    noun; 1. the state of being liable, or legally responsible;2. a disadvantage; something that holds one back

    • example 1: I asked the airline to replace my iPod, which was stolen from my luggage, but the airlineĀ denied liability.
    • example 2: I realize that I’m a liability to the swim team, but I’m trying hard to improve my skills!
  6. melodramatic (mel-oh-druh-MA-tik)
    adjective; overly dramatic, sentimental, or emotional

    example: My brother is so melodramatic—he gets a minor cold, and he acts like he’s about to die.
  7. pound (POWND)
    noun; a unit of money used in the United Kingdom and other countries

    • example: I love shopping for clothes on this British Web site, but I have to remind myself to convert
    • pounds to dollars in my head before I buy anything
  8. ruddy (RUH-dee)
    adjective; rosy; reddish

    example: The sailor had a ruddy complexion from all the time he spent at sea.
  9. strapping (STRA-ping)
    adjective; tall and sturdy; muscular

    example: For some reason, I pictured Anthony as short and slight, but in fact he is quite strapping.
  10. talisman (TAL-iz-muhn)
    noun; an object thought to have magical powers and bring good luck

    example: My grandfather’s watch is my lucky talisman. I always bring it with me when I take a test.
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