Medical Terminolgy: Chapter 7

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  1. scrotum
    a sac suspended on both sides of and just behind the penis
  2. testes, or testicles
    primary male sex organs, paired and oval-shaped
  3. sperm (spermatozoon)
    the microscopic male germ cell, 
  4. testosterone
    the principle male sex hormone
  5. seminiferous tubules
    shwere spermatogenesis occurs
  6. epididymis
    a coiled duct tube, atop each other the testes
  7. Functions of the epididimus
    storage of sperm, transit of sperm, and maturation of sperm
  8. vas deferens, ductus deferens, or seminal duct
    duct carrying the sperm from teh epidiymis to the urethra
  9. Seminal vesicles
    located at the base of the bladder, secrete a thick fluid, which forms part of the semen
  10. Prostate gland
    encircles the upper end of the urethra, secretes a fluid that aids in the movement of the sperm and ejaculation
  11. penis
    male organ of urination and copulation
  12. Glans penis
    enlarged tip on the end of the penis
  13. prepuce
    fold of skin covering the glans penis in uncircumcised males
  14. semen composed of
    sperm, seminal fluid, other secretions
  15. genitalia (genitals)
    reproductive organs
  16. balan/o
    glans penis
  17. epididym/o
  18. orchid/o, orchi/o, orch/o, test/o
    testis, testicle
  19. prostat/o
    prostate gland
  20. vas/o
    vessel, duct
  21. vesicul/o
    seminal vesicle
  22. andr/o
  23. sperm/o, spermat/o
    spermatozoon, sperm
  24. -ism
    state of
  25. erectile dysfunction
    impotence, unalbe to attain or maintain an erection to perform sexual intercourse
  26. hydrocele
    scrotal swelling caused by fluid accumulation
  27. phimosis
    tightness of the prepuce (foreskin) that prevents retraction over the glans penis
  28. priapism
    persistent, abnormal erection with pain and tenderness
  29. prostate cancer
    cancer of prostate gland, 
  30. testicular cancer
    cancer of the testicle
  31. testicular torsion
    twisting of spermatic cord wth decreese blood flow to testis 
  32. varicocele
    enlarged veins of the spermatic cord
  33. circumcision
    surgical removal of the prepuce (foreskin)
  34. hydrocelectomy
    surgical removal of a hydrocele
  35. radical prostatectomy
    excision of prostate gland with excision of seminal vesicles, vas deferens, sometimes pelvic lymph nodes
  36. suprapubic prostatectomy
    prostate gland removed through abdominal inceision made above pubic bone and incision in the bladder
  37. transurethral incision of the prostate gland (TUIP)
    surgical procedure, widens urethra by making small incisions in bladder neck and prostate gland
  38. transurethral microwave thermotherapy (TUMT)
    uses heat generated by microwabe to eliminate excess tissue in BPH
  39. transurethral resection of the prostate gland (TURP)
    surgical removal of pieces of prostate gland
  40. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
    elevated level may indicate prostate cancer or BPH
  41. Digital rectal examination (DRE)
    fell size and shape of prostate gland
  42. artifical insemination
    sperm placed artificially in vagina
  43. azoospermia
    lack of live sperm in semen
  44. coitus (copulation)
    sexual intercourse between a male and female
  45. condom
    cover worn on penis during coitus to prevent conception and spread of sexually transmitted diesease
  46. ejaculation
    ejection of semen from the male urethra
  47. gonads
    male and female sex glands
  48. hterosexual
    perosn attracted to membre of opposite sex
  49. homosexual
    person attracted to member of same sex
  50. human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
    virus that causes AIDS
  51. infertility
    reduced or absent ability to produce offspring
  52. orgasm
    climax of sexual stimulation
  53. chlamydia
    often called "silent STD" because people not aware of disease and symptoms do not stand out
  54. genital herpes
    caused by herpes virus herpesvirus hominis type 2
  55. gonorrhea
    affects mucous membranes of genitourinary tract
  56. human imunodiciency virus (HIV) infections
    retrovirus that causes AIDS
  57. Human papilloma virus or HPV (venereal warts)
    causes benign or canerous growths in genitals
  58. syphilis
    chronic disease caused by treponema pallidum
  59. Trichomoniasis
    caused by trichomonas, infects genitourinary tract
  60. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  61. BPH
    benign prostatic hypterplasia
  62. DRE
    digital rectal exam
  63. ED
    rerctile dysfunction
  64. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  65. HPV
    human papilloma virus
  66. PSA
    prostate-specific antigen
  67. RP
    radical prostatectomy
  68. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
  69. TUIP
    transurethral incision of prostate
  70. TUMT
    transurethral microwave thermotherapy
  71. TURP
    transurethral resction of prostate
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