Jacksonian Era

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  1. How did the westward expansion take place?
    • the center of population was moving west
    • incresde in the number of states
    • west became the symbol of the new america
    •      the pioneer farmer became the new common man
  2. Why was the population growing?
    • The population doubled every 25 years
    • growth of cities 
    • immigration
  3. What was the growth of the market economy?
    growing more crops to sell
  4. What did Cyrus McCormick invent? What did Deere invent?
    • reaper
    • steel plow
  5. What were the problems with the growth of the market economy?
    • The machines cost alot so farmers went into debt
    • weather
    • panics
  6. What was included in the transportation revoultion?
    • Roads
    • steamboats
    • canals 
    • railroads
  7. What is a turnpike? What was the national road?
    • toll road
    • the first road paid for by federal money
  8. Who invented the steam boat?
  9. What did the erie canal do?
    • Connects Lake Erie to the Hudson river
    • reduced the price of goods
    • made New York the major city in America
    • helped move people west
  10. When was the railroad boom? When was the first one?
    • 1840s and 50s
    • 1828
  11. Who built the first factory in america? What kind was it?
    • Samuel Slater
    • Textile
  12. Who bulit the cotton gin? What did it do?
    • Eli Whitney
    • made cotton the major cash crop of the south 
    • revived the platation system and the importance of slavery
    • pushed settledment westward(depleted soil)
    • helped notthern idustry
  13. What else did Whitney make, besides cotton gin?
    interchangable parts
  14. What were the problems of the industrial revolution? What was the Lowell Factory?
    • Poor working conditions
    • child labor 
    • women worked- Lowell factory- model factory that hired young unmarried women, the facotry controlled them
  15. What book did Alexis de Tocqueville write? What was he impressed with?
    • Democracy in America
    • impressed with americas religoius freedom anf lack of class structure
  16. What was Knickerboxer school? Who were Ivring, copper, and whitman?
    • the first american literature- it was a style
    • Ivring wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hallows
    • Copper wrote the Last of the Moehekins
    • Whitman was considered the poet of democracy
  17. What was the Hudson River School(style)?
    known for painting landscapes
  18. Who did much of the american music come from? Who was Foster?
    • african americans
    • the most famous composer of this time
  19. What were reults of transformation?
    • democratic reforms
    • more intrest in politics
    • nationalism
    • growth of sectionalism
    • brought about the reform movement 
    • brought about the age of the common man
  20. Who were canidates in the election of 1824?
    • William crawford
    • henry clay 
    • John quincy adams
    • andrew jackson
  21. Where was william crawford form? What did he suffer from during the campain?
    • georgia
    • a stroke
  22. Where was Henry Clay from? What was his job? What was his program?
    • kentucky 
    • speaker of the house
    • the american system
  23. What was the american system?
    • designed to make the u.s self-sufficient with
    • proctective tarrif
    • internal improvements
    • national bank
  24. Where was john quincy adams from? what did he agree with?
    • mass.
    • secratary of state
    • american system
  25. Where was jackson form? Who was he the champion of?
    • tennesse
    • champioan of the common man
  26. What were the results of the election of 1824? Where do it go, who is it between?
    • Jackson 99 ev 43%
    • Adams 84 ec 30%
    • Crawford 41 ev 13%
    • clay 37 ev 13%
    • goes to the house between jackson and adams
  27. What was the outcome of the election of 1824?
    • Clay helps adams get elected
    • Adams appointed clay secratary of state
    • Jackson suppoters claim it is a "corrupt Bargain"
  28. What did adams try to get passed as president? Why did he fail?
    • the american system
    • failed because the jackson supporters blocked him out of congress
    • most americans didn't agree with the american system
  29. What was the Tarriff of Abominations? What was the South Carolina Exposition?
    • raised the tariff rate 45%
    • reaction to tariff of abinations that said a state could nullfiy unjust federl law
    • wrote by calhouun
  30. What was the revolution of 1828?
    chnaged power from the elite to the common man
  31. What was Jacksonian democracy characterized by? What was not important?
    • the common man- pioneer farmers
    • education
  32. What were the reasons for jacksonian democracy?
    • the expanding frointer
    • common man got more interseted in politics
    • nationalism
  33. What were the democratic changes under jacksonian democracy?
    • change in voting requirements
    • more people voting
    • return of the two party system 
    • written ballad
    • party platforms and campaining
  34. What were the problems of Jacksonian democracy?
    • political machines- party organizations set up to get canidates elected
    • spoil system-gov. jobs were given to loyal party members
    • corruption
    • partison newspaper- party newspapers
  35. Who was Martin Van Buren? Who was John Eaton?
    • Martin van Buren was secratary of state and became Jackson right hand man
    • John Eaton was secratary of war
  36. WHat was the kitchen cabinent?
    Jackson's friends and real advisors
  37. What was the Peggy Eaton affair? What were the results?
    • all of Jackson's first cabinet reigned over questions of Peggy Eaton's character
    • created a break between Calhoun and Jackson
    • helped van Buren's politcal carrer
  38. How many bills did Jackson veto? What was he the first president to do?
    • more than the first 6 presidents combined
    • to veto a bill because he didnt like it
  39. What was the Maysville road veto?
    jackson vetoed a bill that would extended national road from maysville kentucky to louisville kentucky
  40. What was Worcester vs. Georgis?
    • state of ga. passed a law that takes over the cheeroke nation
    • cheerokees go to court
    • marshall sided with indians
    • jackson ignored the courts decison
  41. What was trail of tears? What did jackson believe?
    • 15000 cherokees are moved west, about a forth  die on the way
    • believed he had treated the indians fairly
  42. What was the Webster- Hayne debate?
    • Hayne said that the states had created the county and therefore could nullify federal laws
    • webster said the people had created the counrty and only the supreme court could declare laws constinional- believed in liberty and union
    • jackson said the union must be preserved
  43. What was the nullification crisis?
    • Calhoum get ssouth carolina to pass the ordiances of Nullifications- they nullify the tariff of abominations
    • Jackson had congrress pass the force bill- gave him the power to use the army to force s. carolina to pay tariff
  44. What was the compromise tariff of 1833?
    • made by clay
    • lowered tariff and calhoun a way put
  45. What was the result of nullifcation crisis?
    nig defeat for states rights
  46. What was Jackson vs. the Bank?
    • Jackson hated the bankl and wanted to kill it
    • clay and webster fight jackson over the bank and make it an issue of the election of 1832
    • Jackson wins and believes he has mandate to kill the bank
    • he takes federal money out of the BUS and put sit into 23 state banks called Pet Banks
  47. What was the result of Jackson vs. Bank?
    an economic boom based on easy credit and land speculation
  48. What was the spiecies circular? WHat did it lead to?
    • jacksons excutive order that said land had to be bought with gold and silver 
    • led to the panic of 1837
  49. Who formed the Whigs?What was it based on?
    • clay wbester and calhoun
    • hatred of andrew jackson
  50. What was Jacksons Legacy?
    • put democratic ideals into practice
    • enforced principal of the federal governments power over the states
    • helped bring the common man into politics
  51. What did Van Buren spend 4 yrs doing?
    trying to solve the panic of 1837
  52. When was Harrison elected president? What was this considerd?
    • election of 1840
    • considered the first modern campaign
  53. What happened to Harrison?
    • died after a month in office
    • tyler became presdient ans was eventullay kicked out of the whig party
  54. what did the cult of domesticity say?
    a womens place is in the home
  55. WHat was the secenca falls convention? Who was involved in it?
    • beginning of the womens rights movement
    • Lucretia mott and elizabeth cady stanton
  56. What was unitarianism?
    salvation through good works
  57. What was the second great awakening? Who was the leading preacher?
    • encouraged humanitarianism
    • beleived man could change things for the better
    • Charles G. Finney
  58. Who founded the mormons?
    joseph smith
  59. Who took the mormons to Utah?
    Brigham young
  60. Who was the main person of the prison and mental health movement?
    Dorethea Dix
  61. What did the Aubrun and pennslyvannia systems do?
    • led to rehablitation rather than punishment
    • prison and mental health
  62. What was the american colonization society?
    wanted to send black people back to africa
  63. Who was william garrison? What did he believe in?
    • abolitionist
    • published anti slavery newspaper the liberator
    • immeadiate uncompenstated emancipation
  64. Who was frderick douglas and sojourner truth?
    black ablotionist
  65. Who were the grimke sisters?
  66. What was the gag rule?
    could not talk about slavery or aboltion in congress
  67. Who was Horace Mann?
    • father of education
    • equal education
  68. What were normal schools?
    trained teachers 
  69. Who were Emma willard and Mary Lyons
    started schools for women
  70. What was temperance? Who was leader of the movement?
    • banning alcohol
    • Lyman Beecher
  71. Who was Neal Dow?
    helped maine pass prohibiton law
  72. What was transcendilsim? Who was major spokesman? Who was Thoreau? Magaret Fuller?
    • truth trascends the senses
    • ralph emerson
    • wrote paper
    • editor of the dial
  73. What kind of society was new harmony? Who founded it?
    • social
    • robert owen
  74. What kind of society was oneida? Founder?
    • economic
    • John Noyes
  75. what kind of society were the shakers? founder?
    • religoius
    • ann lee
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