PSYC of G ch. 6

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  1. gender constancy
    the knowledge that gender is a permanent characteristic and will not change with superficial alterations
  2. gender identity
    individual identification of self as female or male
  3. gender identity disorder
    a disorder that occurs when a child rejects the gender role that corresponds to biological sex and adopts cross-gender behaviors and possibly a cross-gender identity
  4. synthesized realism
    a mixture of actual information with phony details into a realistic portrayal that is really fiction
  5. transsexual
    an individual who receives hormonal and surgical treatment to be changed to the other sex
  6. the process of gender development
    • begin during infancy
    • ages 2 to 3: apply gender labels and understand behaviors and features
    • ages 6 to 7: complete understanding
  7. understanding of gender throughout life span
    • children: rigid and inflexible in application of gender rules
    • stereotyping not as strong during adolescents and adulthood
  8. biology and gender development
    • biology influences gender development
    • difficult to distinguish from social influences
    • identification of genitals prompts social events related to gender development
    • prenatal hormone exposure affects gender typed behaviors more than gender identity
  9. gender socialization of children
    • important influence by families
    • traditional families have children with traditional gender attitudes
    • fathers tend to promote traditional gender behaviors most
    • parents and siblings create a gendered environment
    • peers push others towards inflexible gender roles
  10. media influence on gender stereotyping
    strong force in establishing and perpetuating traditional gender roles
  11. diagnosis and treatmentĀ of gender identity disorder
    • requires persistent identification with and desire to be the other gender
    • treatment and diagnosis is controversial
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