Visual System Terms (PSYC 2200)

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  1. accomodation
    changes in the thickness of the lens of the eye via ciliary muscles that focus images of near or distant objects on the retina
  2. retina
    the neural tissue and photoreceptive cells located on the inner surface of the posterior portion of the eye
  3. rod
    • one of the receptor cells of the retina
    • sensitive to low intensity light
  4. cone
    • one of the receptor cells of the retina
    • maximally sensitive to one of three different wavelengths of light (encodes color vision)
  5. photoreceptor
    • one of the receptor cells of the retina
    • transduces photic energy into electrical potentials
  6. fovea
    • the region of the retina that mediates the most acute vision of birds and higher mammals
    • contains only cone photoreceptors
  7. optic disk
    • location of the exit point from the retina of the fibers of the ganglion cells that form the optic nerve
    • responsible for the blind spot
  8. bipolar cell
    • a bipolar neuron located in the middle layer of the retina
    • conveys information fom the photoreceptors to the ganglion cells
  9. ganglion cell
    • a neuron located in the retina that receives visual information from bipolar cells
    • its axons give rise to the optic nerve
  10. horizontal cell
    a neuron in the retina that interconnects adjacent photoreceptors and the outer processes of the bipolar cells
  11. amicrine cell
    a neuron in the retina that interconnects adjacent ganglion cells and the inner processes of bipolar cells
  12. lamella
    • a layer of membrane containing photopigments
    • found in rods and cones of the retina
  13. dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN)
    • a group of cell bodies within the lateral geniculate body of the thalmus
    • receives inputs from the retina and projects to the primary visual cortex
  14. magnocellular layer
    • one of the inner two layers of neurons in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
    • transmits information necessary for the perception of form, movement, depth, and small differences in brightness to the primary visual cortex
  15. parvocellular layer
    • one of the four outer layers of the LGN
    • transmits information about color and fine details to the primary visual cortex
  16. koniocellular layer
    • a sublayer of neurons in the LGN found ventral to each of the magnocellular and parvocellular layers
    • transmits information from short-wavelength cones to the primary visual cortex
  17. striate cortex
    the primary visual cortex
  18. retinal disparity
    • the fact that opints on objects located at different distances from the observer will fall on slightly different locations on the two retinas
    • basis for stereopsis (three-dimensional perception)
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