morality chap 3

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  1. Latin for Holy
  2. Holy things and holy people that help reveal God to us and serve as God's instruments
    unity of faith
  3. How are we united in Christ with the past, present, and future
    the sacraments
  4. Church is what part of Christ?
    body on earth
  5. What is the head?
  6. What is church the sign and instrument of?
    God's plan of salvation
  7. Jesus handing down his mission
    apostolic succession 
  8. Goal of apostolic succession:
    to teach the gospel, lead in worship, and guide the church to follow Christ
  9. Church means
    convocation: gathering together to form the people of God/ family of believers
  10. Church in greek
    ecclesia= duly summoned
  11. nSacraments are “powers that come forth”, from the Body
    of Christ, which are ever-living and ever-giving.  They are actions of the Holy Spirit at work
    in his Body, the Church.  They are “the
    masterworks of God” in the new and everlasting covenant.
  12. 7 sacraments
    • baptism
    • confirmation
    • eucharist
    • reconciliation
    • anointing of the sick
    • holy orders
    • matrimony
  13. natural law helps us to 
    apply human reason to arrive at the truth
  14. 7 laws
    • receive holy communion
    • study catholic teaching
    • observe marriage laws
    • strengthen and support church
    • do penance
    • join in the missionary spirit
  15. Written Sources of Catholic Moral Teaching
    • Catechism of the Catholic Church
    • Papal Encyclicals
    • Statements of the Vatican Commissions
    • Pastoral Letters
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