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  1. What period is the Hypostyle hall from?
  2. Why did the Egyptians use woven mats?
    to keep the dust down
  3. Describe Egyptian furniture design
    • owning furniture showed wealth
    • it was designed to be low to the ground
    • ornament = used in plant and animal form

    masiveness and solidity !
  4. Describe the ornament Egyptians used
    plant and animal relations
  5. Obelisk
    a tapored pillar (stone) 7-100 and it represents a person who it is dedicated to.

    all of them point to the sun at the top

  6. Which design elements dominate Western architecture well into the 20th century?
    Greek and Roman
  7. What were stools and/or chairs raised up on to help keep them off of the straw mats?
  8. where did most egyptians sleep?
    on mats
  9. The Greeks used _____ and _____ for perfection in architecture
    rationality and restraint

    rationality- every element in architecture has a purpose and function

    restraint- when they would add surface ornament it never obscured the orginial structure; there was never any overdone ornamentation
  10. who was the first to use the collumn on the outside?
    the greeks
  11. who made shafts on columns concave?
    The Greeks 
  12. who made collumns more narrow at the tops?
    The Greeks
  13. what is a pilaster?
    a collumn that is engaged into the wall
  14. what is it called when a collumn is engaged into the wall?
    a pilaster
  15. ____ is for rainwater to fall off of a building.
  16. What is a truss?
    used for rainwater to fall off of a building

    • rests on an edge and most were made of wood.
    • clay roofing tiles rested on top of the trusses
  17. What is a gable roof?
    roofing that has tiles on two sides /\
  18. What type of roof has tiles on two sides?
    Gable roof
  19. What is a pediment?
    it is on the front and back ends of the trusses

    usually covered in stone
  20. What is the space between the column and the truss?
  21. What is the Entablature?
    the space between the collumn and the trusses

    • had ornamentation
    • was made up of two parts- cornice and architrave
    • the Greeks made the cornice visible
  22. Cornice
    on top of the entablature and at the bottom of the pediment and it continues around the trusses
  23. what is a raking cornice?
    an angular cornice
  24. what is an angular cornice called?
    a raking cornice
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