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  1. What are the Commander's Tasks under Mission Command?
    • Drive the Operations Process
    • Develop Teams
    • Inform and Influence Audiences
  2. What are the Staff Tasks under Mission Command?
    • Conduct the Operations Process
    • Knowledge and Information Management
    • Inform and Influence Activities
    • Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
  3. What are the Shared Tasks under Mission Command?
    • Military Deception
    • Civil Affairs
    • Install, Operate and Maintain the network
    • Airspace Control
    • Information Protection
  4. What is the definition of a 'network'?
    A grouping of systems interconnected for a purpose.
  5. What is the Science of Control?
    The Science of Control consists of systems and procedures used to improve the commander's understanding and support accomplishing missions.
  6. What are the three channels of communication?
    Command, Staff and Technical
  7. What are the six qualities of information?
    • Accurate
    • Timely
    • Usable
    • Complete
    • Precise
    • Reliable
  8. What is command?
    The authority a commander exercises due to rank or assignment.
  9. What are two forms or techniques of control?
    Positive and Procedural
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