Wordly Wise lesson 18 book 7

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  1. Acoustic (adj)
    • Relating to sound or hearing
    • Ex.
    • A tiny acoustic device improved my grandparents' hearing.
  2. Assemblage (n)
    • 1. A collection or gathering of people or things
    • 2. A fitting together of parts

    (Assemble in assemblage)
  3. August (adj)
    • Inspiring great respect or admiration; noble
    • Ex.
    • The august novelist was known for her wit, honesty, and eloquent use of language.
  4. Auspices (n)
    • Protection, support, or guidance; patronage
    • Ex.
    • The concert is being given under the auspices of the town hall's foundations.
  5. Cavil (v) (n)
    • (v)1. To critisize unimportant things; to quibble
    • Ex.
    • He caviled at the majority vote to change the game time from 3:30 to 3:35.
    • (n)2. A minor critisism
    • Ex.
    • My only cavil with the resturaunt is that they don't warm their bread.
  6. Curator (n)
    A person in charge of an exhibition; an overseer of a museum or library collection
  7. Extant (adj)
    • Still existing; not lost or destroyed
    • Ex.
    • It is amazing that some of the works of the Ancient Egyptians are still extant today.
  8. Gamut (n)
    • The entire range of something
    • Ex.
    • Stars run the gamut from Earth-sized white dwarfs to red giants hundreds of times larger than the sun.
  9. Ineffable (adj)
    • Incapable of being expressed in words
    • Ex.
    • One should attempt to make a trip to the ineffable view of the Green Mountains at least once in their lifetime.
  10. Mellifluous (adj)
    • Sweetly flowing; pleasant to the ear
    • Ex.
    • The mellifluous melody from a cello virtuouso filled the rehersal room.
  11. Mien (n)
    • A person's manner, appearance, or expression; bearing
    • Ex.
    • Although the child was nervous about going onstage, he hid his emotions behind a nonchalant mien.
  12. Nonpareil (adj) (n)
    • (adj)1. Having no equal; superb
    • Ex.
    • He was the nonpareil center fielder for the New York Yankees.
    • (n)2. A person or thing without equal
    • Ex.
    • As a nonpareil of decorum; many followd his example at formal occasions.
  13. Patina (n)
    • 1. A green film that forms on copper when exposed to the elements.
    • Ex.
    • The Statue of Liberty was covered in patina before it was renovated.
    • 2. A beautiful surface finish, the result of age and proper care
    • Ex.
    • Notice the rich patina of the well-maintained antique chairs.
  14. Rapt (adj)
    • 1. Fully absorbed; engrossed
    • 2. Filled with deep pleasure; enraptured
  15. Resuscitate (v)
    • To revive frp, unconsciousness or apparent death; to revive or restore to full health or vigor
    • Ex.
    • Our first aid class taught us how to resuscitate someone who had nearly drowned.
  16. Fastidious (adj)
    • Excessively demanding and critical; hard to please
    • Ex.
    • The young child's fastidious character made it seem as if he were spoiled.
  17. Equine (adj)
    Of, relating to, or affecting horses or other members of the horse family
  18. Carp (v)
    • To complain and find fault with continuously, especially about trivial matters
    • Ex.
    • Because he carped all the time about frivolous things, he did not have many friends.
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