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  1. A focus paragraph that reveals the main idea of a story.
  2. Characteristics of an online reader
    Impatient, scans instead of reads, wants instant gratification.
  3. Tips for web writing
    Bolding key words, short paragraphs, bullet points.
  4. 3 Tips for Captions
    • 1. ID the main people
    • 2 .don’t state the obvious
    • 3. don’t editorialize.
  5. How to make hyperlinks in Tumblr?
    Highlight text and click "Insert/Edit" link
  6. Reading a story from top to bottom
    Linear storytelling
  7. Citizen Journalism/User Generated Content
    Crowd Sourcing
  8. Max # Characters in a twitter post
  9. Things to look out for when using photos
    • Accuracy
    • Currency
    • Permission/Rights
    • Newsworthiness
  10. Other things to look out for using photos
    • Tastefulness
    • Objectivity
    • Relevance
    • Transparency
  11. 3 Criteria to evaluate a source
    • Accuracy
    • Objectivity
    • Currency
    • Smell test: Gut Instinct
  12. How to crop in photoshop
    • 1. Crop tool -> Edit width/height boxes at top
    • 2. Resolution (72) if necessary
    • 3. To fix brightness/colors: Adjustments -> Isolate mountain
    • 4. Unsharp mask, adjust mount -> 50%
    • 5. Save for Web & Devices: JPEG high
  13. TMZ
    Non-Traditional Media
  14. NYT
    Traditional Media
  15. RSS Feed
  16. Building Trust with an audience
  17. characteristics of multimedia story
    • Combines full text with extra value added (images, video, etc.)
    • usually interactive
  18. Multi-platform strategy
    Presenting an original story that can be accessed from a variety of "platforms" like print, web, mobile
  19. RSS Feed
    • Method of distributing links to content in your website you'd like others to see
    • News aggregator
  20. Jim Brady
    Joel Sucherman
    Guest speakers so far this course
  21. Frequently updated journal, usually hosted by a 3rd party, containing surveillance and opinion
  22. Joel Sucherman
    Senior Director/Digital Products @ NPR
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