OLS 252 Chptr 7

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  1. What is Role?
    A set of expected behavior patterns attributes to a team member in a given position.
  2. What is Role Perception?
    How the individual believes he or she is to act in a given team role.
  3. What is Role Expectation?
    How others on the team believe or expect other members to behave.
  4. Team Roles

    What is a Leader?
    Team Roles

    Directs and facilitates action.
  5. Team Roles

    What is a Creator?
    Team Roles

    Initiates creative ideas.
  6. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Champions ideas after they're initiated.
  7. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Offers insightful analysis or options.
  8. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Provides structure.
  9. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Provides direction and follow-through.
  10. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Examines details and enforces rules.
  11. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Fights external battles.
  12. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Encourages the search for more information.
  13. Team Roles

    Team Roles

    Coordinates and integrates.
  14. What is Role Conflict?
    Occurs when the role perception and the role expectation are not congruent.
  15. What is Social Loafing?
    The tendency for individuals to put forth just enough effort to get by when working with teams.
  16. What is Stereotyping?
    Attributing a specific trait to a person based on the characteristics of the group to which a person belongs.
  17. What is Synergy?
    The building force that is greater than the sum of its parts.
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