Oral Hygiene Presentation/ Impressions

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  1. What are the steps of brushing your teeth?
    • 1. Use a soft nylon tooth brush
    • 2. Pea size amount of tooth paste
    • 3.Develope a pattern
    • 4. Modified/ Bass method, at a 45 degree angle, brush away from the gums
    • 5. Gentle circular motion, clean one to two teeth at a time
    • 6. Use the floor of the brush to clean the back of the front teeth
    • 7. Brush behind the molar, tongue, cheeks and roof of the mouth
    • 8. Brush for about 2 minutes, atleast twice a day, rinse and do not swallow toothpaste
  2. What are the steps for flossing?
    • 1. 18 inches or an arm length
    • 2. Use unwaxed floss
    • 3.Wrap around middle fingers
    • 4. Thumbs for upper, index fingers for lower
    • 5. Careful to not snap floss, with a sawing motion, carefully "C" shape around the front and back of the teeth
    • 6. Some bleeding may occur
    • 7.rinse
    • 8.Floss at least once a day
  3. What are the steps for mixing alginate?
    • 1. Put on PPE (Lab coat, glasses)
    • 2. Fluff alginate
    • 3. 2-3 scoops of powder to 2-3 water
    • 4. Mix quickly mix alginate getting all air bubbles out
    • 5. Leaving no powder in the bowl, with one full scoop, place alginate from the back of the tray
    • 6. Place tray back to front making sure that the alginate fills the vestibule
    • 7. Wait until alginate hardens and remove tray from the typodont
  4. What are the steps for pouring stone?
    • 1. Add 3 scoops of water to the bowl
    • 2. Sift stone into the bowl, into a creamy sour cream mixture
    • 3. Carefully vibrate the stone into the alginate, filling all teeth
    • 4. Place wax around tray
    • 5. Mix the remaining stone into a thicker mixture
    • 6. Build your base, let set
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