Beowulf Test

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  1. Hrothgar
    king of Danes
  2. Grendel
    Monster that lives in the bowels of hell; descedent of cain
  3. Edgetho
    Beowulf Dad
  4. Beowulf
    Follower of Higlac (king of Geats - Sweden)
  5. Healfdane
    Hrothgar's Father
  6. That Demon- that fiend, Hell forged Hands, Shadow of death, shepherd of evil, guardian of crime, infamouse killer, sin stained demon, hells captive, afflictor of men, tormentor of their days, terrible trophy
  7. Mighty Prince, wise and famous lord, protector of his people, noble protector, giver of rings
  8. Higlac's Follower, Mighty Protector, Edgetho's brave son, Geats great prince, geats proud prince, noble protector of all seamen, Geats Ring Giver, Edethos famous son
  9. Mead Hall / great hall where all the parties take place located in Denmark
  10. Beowulfs 4 introductory accomplishments
    • Captures/ chains 5 giants
    • Comes from war with dripping blod of his enemies
    • Hunts more of the giants chase them away forever
    • hunts montsers in the ocean
  11. The deer that is so frightened of the lake that if chased by hunters it would rather die than enter the lake is a symbol of 
    innocence and the evil of grendels mother
  12. Beowulfs sword
  13. Geats
    From sweden, wise old warriors
  14. Wiflaf
    wexstans's son (nobility), Kinsmen to Beo, very brave
  15. Sutton Hoo Burial
  16. Exeter Book Anglo Saxon verse is collected
    795 AD
  17. Alfred the Great starts writing in English not Latin
    871 AD
  18. Manuscript which survived the whole sale destruction of artifacts by Henry VIII
    Exeter Book
  19. wyrd
    concept of faith
  20. Beowulf is set in
    500-600 AD in Denmark and Sweden
  21. Beowulf Illustrates 
    values of the Anglo Saxon society
  22. Kenning
    two or more words which serve as a metaphor for another word
  23. Bone-house (Hahhus)
    the human body
  24. beadoleoma (battle Light)
  25. wave-floater (woe-flota)
  26. hronroad
    whale road
  27. fiscesthel
    fish home
  28. Seol Baep
    seal bath
  29. Alliteration
    repition of initial constant sounds
  30. caesura
    • the building block of anglo saxon poetry
    • A pause or break that seperates the 2 strong accents before/after it. 
  31. Hubins's 
    sin of pride
  32. scop
    • poet, story teller, historian
    • honored by warriors in hopes the scops would make them immortal
  33. Mead hall
    great hall of a king, usually the safest place in the kingdom (mead - alcholic drink) made from honey and water)
  34. archetype
    • from arke "first: and typos "model" 
    • the original pattern of model
  35. Epic
    • from epos "speech, tale, song" and ic (creating adj)
    • long narratice poem that relates the idea of "larger than life" new who embodies the values of a particular society
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