Medical Termonology: Chapter 12

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  1. sclera
    outer protective layer of the eye (white of eye)
  2. cornea
    transparetn anterior part of the sclera, allows the light rays to enter the eye
  3. choroid
    middle layer of the eye
  4. conjunctiva
    mucous membrane lining the eyelids and convering the anterioor portion of the sclera
  5. iris
    pigmented muscular structure
  6. pupil
    opening in teh center of the iris
  7. lens
    lies directly behind the pupil
  8. retina
    innermost layer of the eye
  9. aqueous humor
    water liquid found int eh anterior cavity of the yee
  10. vitreous humor
    jellylike liquid found behind the lens in the posterior cavity of the eye
  11. meibomain glands
    oil glands found in the upper and lower edges of the eyelids
  12. lacrimal gands and ducts
    produce and drains tears
  13. optic nerve
    carries visual impulses form the retina to the brain
  14. blephar/o
  15. conjunctiv/o
  16. cor/o, core/o, pupill/o
  17. corne/o, karat/o
  18. dacry/o, lacrim/o
    tear, tear duct
  19. irid/o, ir/o
  20. ocul/o, ophthalm/o
  21. opt/o
  22. phac/o, phak/o
  23. retin/o
  24. scler/o
  25. cry/o
  26. dipl/o
    two, double
  27. is/o
  28. phot/o
  29. ton/o
    tension, pressure
  30. bi-, bin-
  31. -opia
    vision (condition)
  32. -phobia
    abnormal fear or aversion to specific things
  33. -plegia
  34. amblyopia
    reduced bision in one eye
  35. astigmatism
    defective curvature of regractive surgaces of eye
  36. cataract
    clouding of lense
  37. chalazion
    obstruction of oil gland in eyelid, also called meibomian cyst
  38. detached retina
    separation fo retina from choroid
  39. glaucoma
    abnormal incerease in introcular pressure which damages the optic nerve
  40. hyperopia
  41. myopia
  42. macular degeneration
    progressive deterioration of the macula lutea
  43. nyctalopia
    poor vision at night or in faint light
  44. nystagmus
    involuntary, jerking movements of the eyes
  45. pinguecula
    yellowish mass on conjunctiva
  46. presbyopia
    impaired vision due to again
  47. pterygium
    thin tissue growing into the cornea from teh conjunctiva
  48. retinitis pigmentosa
    progessive disease marked by night blindness with atrophy and retinal pigment changes
  49. strabismus
    abnormal condition of squint or crossed eyes
  50. sty
    infection of oil gland of eyelid
  51. enucleation
    surgical removal of the eyeball
  52. laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)
    laser procedure that reshapes the corneal tissue beneath the surface of the conea
  53. phacoemulsification (PHACO)
    method of removing cataracts by using a ultrasonic needle probe to break up the lens to be aspirated
  54. phtorefractive keratectom (PRK)
    laser procedure that reshapes or flatten the corneal surgace by removing a portion of the cornea
  55. retinal photocoagulation
    an intense beam of light from a laser condenses retinal tissue
  56. scleral buckling
    procedure to repair a detached retina
  57. trabeculectormy
    surgical creation of a drain to reduce intraocular pressure
  58. vitrectomy
    surgical removal of all or part of the vitreous humor
  59. emmetropia
    normal refractive condition of eye
  60. intraocular lense (IOL)
    artificial lens implanted within the eye
  61. miotic
    agent that constricts the pupil
  62. mydriatic
    agent that dilates the pupil
  63. optician
    a specialist who fills prescriptions from lense
  64. optometrist
    a health professional who prescribes corrective lenses and/or eye exercises
  65. visual acuity (VA)
    sharpness of vision for either distance or near
  66. ARMD
    age-related macular degeneration
  67. Ast
  68. Em
  69. IOL
    intraocular lens
  70. IOP
    intraocular pressure
  71. Ophth
  72. PHACo
  73. VA
    visual acuity
  74. OD
    right eye
  75. OS
    left eye
  76. OU
    both eyes
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