Microbiology Exam 3

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  1. Chloramphenicol
    inhibition of protein synthesis
  2. Polymyxin B
    injury to the plasma membrane
  3. Vancomycin
    Inhibit cell wall synthesis
  4. Rifamycin
    inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis
  5. Silver sulfadiazine
    inhibitors of the synthesis of essential metabolites
  6. Penicillins
    inhibit cell wall synthesis
  7. Cephalosporins
    inhibit cell wall synthesis
  8. Erythromycin
    inhibition of protein synthesis
  9. Streptomycin
    inhibition of protein synthesis
  10. Tetracylines
    inhibition of protein synthesis
  11. Immunoglobulin M
    a pentamer with 10 antigen-bonding sites, is the predominant class of antibody produced first during a primary humoral response.
  12. Immunoglobulin G
    the predominant antibody found in the blood stream and is largely responsible for defense against invading bacteria - can cross a placenta to protect the fetus.
  13. Immunoglobulin A
    Two molecules attached via J chains and a polypeptide secretory component to produce secretory immunoglobulin A, which is found in milk, tears, and mucous membrane secretions.
  14. Immunoglobulin E
    triggers inflammation and allergic reactions. It also functions during helminth infections.
  15. Immunoglobulin D
    is found in cytoplasmic membranes of some animals
  16. Interleukins
    signal leukocytes, though cells other than leukocytes may also use interleukins.
  17. Interferons
    antiviral proteins that may also act as cytokines.
  18. Growth factors
    proteins that stimulate leukocyte stem cells to divide, ensuring that the body is supplied with sufficient white blood cells of all types.
  19. Tumor necrosis factor
    Macrophages and T cells secrete TNF to kill tumor cells and to regulate immune responses and inflammation.
  20. Chemokines
    chemotactic cytokines that signal leukocytes to move – for example, to rush to the site of inflammation or infection, or to move within tissues.
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