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  1. larynx
    voice box; passageway for air moving from pharynx to trachea; contains vocal cords
  2. pleura
    membranes enclosing the lung (visceral pleura) and lining the thoracic cavity (parietal pleura )
  3. stridor
    a high-pitcjed crowing aound that is a sign of abstruction in the upper airway (trachea or larynx)
  4. epistaxis
  5. hypercapnia
    excessive level of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  6. hypoxemia
    deficient amount of oxygen in the blood
  7. hypoia
    deficient amount of oxygen in tissue cells
  8. atelectasis
    collapse of lung tissue
  9. bronchiectasia
    abnormal dilation of the bronchi with accumulation of mucus
  10. bronchospasm
    constriction of bronchi caused by spasm of the peribronchial smooth muscle
  11. emphysema
    obstructive pulmonary disease characterized by overexpansion of the alveoli with air.
  12. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    permanent, destructive pulmonary disorder that is a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  13. laryngitis
    inflammation of the larynx
  14. empyema
    accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity
  15. hemothorax
    accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity
  16. pleurisy
    inflammation of the pleura
  17. pneumothorax
    air in the pleural cavity caused by a puncture of the lung or chest wall.
  18. pulmonary embolism (PE)
    occlusion in the pulmonary circulation, most often caused by a blood clot.
  19. auscultation
    to listen; listening to the sound within the body with the aid of a stethoscope.
  20. percussion
    tapping over the body to elicit vibrations and sounds
  21. thoracentesis
    puncture for aspiration of the chest.
  22. tracheostomy
    creation of an opening in the traches most often to insert a tube.
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