OLS 252 Chptr 12

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  1. What is Conflict?
    A process where one party perceives that another pary has negatively affected something that the first party cares about.
  2. What are the three views on Conflict?
    Traditional. Human Relations. Interactionist.
  3. What is the Traditional view on conflict?
    The view where all conflict should be avoided.
  4. What is the Humanistic view on conflict?
    The view that conflict is a natural part of life and that people need to learn how to resolve them.
  5. What is the Interactionist view on conflict?
    The view that confict is good and should help groups to change and be innovative.
  6. What are the 5 different stradegies for handling conflict?
    Competing Avoiding. Compromising. Collaborating. Accomodating.
  7. What are the two factors in determining a conflict handling style?
    Assertiveness and Cooperativeness.
  8. Conflict Handling

    Uncooperative and Assertive.
    Conflict Handling

  9. Conflict Handling

    Uncooperative and Unassertive.
    Conflict Handling

  10. Conflict Handling

    Some what cooperative and assertive.
    Conflict Handling

  11. Conflict Handling

    Cooperative and Assertive.
    Conflict Handling

  12. Conflict Handling

    Cooperative and Unassertive.
    Conflict Handling

  13. What are some third party roles in conflict resolution?
    Conciliation. Consultant. Mediation. Arbitration.
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