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  1. Punch exercise horse riding stance
    Pahl Put Ki
  2. Low defense
    Ha Dan Mahk Ki
  3. Middle section punch
    Choong Dan Kong Kyuck
  4. High punch
    Sang Dan Kong Kyuck
  5. High defense
    Sang Dan Mahk Ki
  6. Inside/Outside black
    Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Ki
  7. Outside/inside block
    Phakeso Ahnu Ro Mahk Ki
  8. Side punch
    Choong Dan Hang Jim
  9. Two hand block, front stance

  10. Two hand block, fighting stance
    Chun Kul Ssang Sao
  11. High block, fighting stance
    Hu Kul Ssang Sao
  12. High two hands X block
    Ssang Sao Sang Dan Mahk Ki
  13. Low two hands X block
    Ssang Sao Ha Dan Mahk Ki
  14. Side defense
    Choong Dan Yup Mahk Ki
  15. High knife hand block
    Sang Dan Sao Do Mahk Ki
  16. Low knife hand block"
    Ha Dan Sao Do Mahki Ki
  17. Spear hand punch
    Kwan Sao Kong Kyuck
  18. Knife hand defense and reverse punch, fighting stance
    Yuk Jin
  19. Knife hand defense and reverse punch, front stance
    Yuk Sao
  20. Ready stance
    Choon Bee Ja Seh
  21. Front stance
    Chun Kul Ja Seh
  22. Fighting stance
    Hu Kul Ja Seh
  23. Horse riding stance
    Kee Ma Ja Seh
  24. Side stance
    Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh
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