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  1. Venial (adj)
    • Able to be forgiven or pardoned; not serious(as in crime or sin)
    • Ex.
    • The mother pardoned the boy's venial act of stealing cookies, but warned him that next time she would not be so forgiving.
  2. Excursion (n)
    • A short trip
    • Ex.
    • I went on an excursion to see my cousins in Maine, and came back two days later with a few boxes of saltwater taffy.
  3. Acclaimed (adj)
    • Prased enthusiastically and publicly
    • Ex.
    • The acclaimed writer received hundreds of letters everyday from his fans.
  4. Fastidious (adj)
    • Excessively demanding and critical; hard to please
    • Ex.
    • The fastidious boy would only eat broccoli if it was steamed for ten minutes and three seconds.
  5. Scrupulous (adj)
    • Minute, careful, precise, or having or showing a strict regard for what's right; principled
    • Ex.
    • The scrupulous teacher would not tolerate any sloppy work from students, and forced them to stay after school and finish it with her.
  6. Peruse (v)
    • To read thouroughly or carefully; to examine thouroughly
    • Ex.
    • After perusing the article a few times, I was able to grasp the gist of it.
  7. Foible (n)
    • A minor weakness or eccentricity in one's character
    • Ex.
    • A foible in my brother's character is that he always procrastinates his work until it's too late to do it.
  8. Dubious (adj)
    • Hesitating or doubting; unsure
    • Ex.
    • He was dubious about whether to go to the party or stay at home and finish the homework assignment due the next day.
  9. Whimsical (adj)
    • Playfully quaint or fanciful
    • Ex.
    • You don't have to be serious all the time; be whimsical once in a while!
  10. Layman (n)
    • 1. A nonordained member of the church
    • 2. A person without professinal or specialized knowledge in a particular subject
    • Ex.
    • The layman claimed he knew everything about medicine, but when asked to treat a simple cold, he could not come up with anything.
  11. Germane (adj)
    • Pertaining to
    • Ex.
    • That statement is not germane to the argument, so please refrain from bringing it up.
  12. Affable (adj)
    • Friendly, good-natured; easy to talk to
    • Ex.
    • The affable child made many friends at the new school.
  13. Felicity (n)
    • The state on being happy; bliss
    • Ex.
    • When he found out e had been accepted into the college he wanted to attend; he was in a state of felicity.
  14. Rubicund (adj)
    Having a ruddy complexion; high colored
  15. Solicit (v)
    • 1. To seek to obtain by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application
    • Ex: The senator solicited for support among his old collegues.
    • 2. To petition persistentl; importune
    • Ex: He solicited his mother for help with the homework.
    • 3. To urge or incite evil or illegal action
    • Ex: The one who solicited the riot has been caught by the police.
  16. Sic (v)
    • To set a dog(or other animal) on someone
    • Ex: The police sicced the dogs on the fleeing criminal.
  17. Bibliophile (n)
    • A lover of books
    • Ex.
    • A a bibliophile, I love to read.
  18. Anthropomorphic (adj)
    • Having a humanoid shape.
    • Ex.
    • If we ever find extraterrestrial life, it will be highly unlikely that they will be anthropomorphic.
  19. Postmorton (adj)
    • After death
    • Ex.
    • Micheal Jackson's, "This is it" music video was finished postmorton.
  20. Dissident (adj)
    • Rebellious
    • Ex.
    • The dissident child was grounded, and lost all computer privilages for a month.
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