Gene Transfer

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  1. Occurs during reproduction between generation of cells
    Vertical gene transfer
  2. The transfer of genes between cells of the same generation
    Horizontal gene transfer
  3. When Dna in one cell ends up in the DNA of another
    Genetic recombination
  4. When two chromosomes break and rejoin
    crossing over
  5. Catalyzes the joining of the two strands of DNA in genentic recombination...what protein?
    Rec A
  6. The process when bacteria take DNA from the enviroment is called?
  7. DNA that is in the enviroment and not in a cell is called?
    naked DNA
  8. F+ cell has a plasmid that gives the cell the abilty to grow what?
    A pilus
  9. The F+ cell connects it's pilus to an f- cell which is know as what?
    Bacterial conjunction
  10. In bacterial conjunction what is it that the f+ cell is giving to the F- cell?
    The f factor
  11. An f+ cell plus an f- cell=
    an f+ cell because it has the f factor(to grow pilus)
  12. When the combination between f factor and chromosome occur at the same site on each what kind of cell does it produce? Does not have a seperate plamid, it is intertwined in the chromosome
    Hfr cell (high frequency recombination)
  13. Hfr + f- =
    recombinant f- cell, f factor does not normally go across only a small portion goes across
  14. A virus that infects a bacteria is called
  15. bacterial information transfered by a virus is called?
    transduction by a bacteriophage
  16. PLasmids that CArries genes for sex pili and transfer of the plasmid
    conjugative plasmid
  17. Plasmids that encodes enzymes for catabolism of unusual compounds
    dissimilation plasmids
  18. Plasmid that encodes antibiotic resistance
    R factors
  19. Known as jumping genes, where segments of DNA that can move from one region of DNA to another
  20. TRansposons cut DNA leaving what in the DNA?
    sticky ends
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