Driver's Ed Chapter 9 Questions/Vehicle Title and Registration

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  1. When you sspeed or yell down the road. Driving carelessly.
    Road Rage
  2. Cutting people off or yelling at other drivers. Tailgating, or speeding
    Aggressive Driving
  3. What shape and color are the construction and maintenance warning signs?
    Orange and Diamond
  4. What shape and color are the Stop signs?
    • Red
    • Octagon
  5. What color and shape are the roadway hazard signs?
    Yellow and diamond
  6. What else should you have on with wipers?
  7. What is the order of traffic signals?
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
  8. What colors are the railroad signs?
    Black and yellow
  9. New Jersey residents who buy a new or used vehicle must do what before driving it on public roads?
    • Title
    • Register
    • Insure
  10. What law states that a vehicle must have that classification on the title?
    Lemon Law
  11. If a motorist moves into this state, the law requires their vehicle to be what?
    • TitledĀ 
    • Registered
  12. If a motorist moves into this state the law requires their vehicle to be titled and registered within how many days?
  13. What is the person whose name appears on the title as the owner or a person with authority to act on the vehicle's owner's behalf must report to the MVC agency to process the transaction?
    Title Owner
  14. How do you obtain a title?
    Through the dealership where the vehicle was purchased
  15. What should you obtain from the manufacturer to ensure that the document has the sales tax satisfied stamp on the back?
    Certificate of Origin
  16. The documents must then be taken to the MVC and the owner must pay the required what?
    Titling Fee
  17. If the dealer isn't authorized to collect sales tax then the buyer will pay the sales tax when?
    When titling the vehicle
  18. What should be on the reverse side of the title when titling a used vehicle?
    • Buyer's name
    • Address
    • Date of Sale
    • Mileage odometer reading
    • Sale Price
    • Buyer's signature
    • Seller's information
    • Seller's Signature
  19. What do you have to present when titling a used vehicle?
    • The signed title
    • and Pay the require titling fee
  20. What must the buyer pay when titling a used vehicle?
    Sales tax on the purchase price
  21. If the title is lost, damaged, illegible, or stolen, a duplicate title can be issued at any MVC agency or by mail for how much money?
  22. When replacing a title if is lost or stolen, the title owner will need
    Completed application for Duplicate Certificate of Ownership

    Current Registration Certificate or insurance identification card for the vehicle

    Lien release from the lien holder if the vehicle was financed
  23. When replacing a damaged title, the title owner will need
    • Damaged Title
    • Completed Application for Duplicate Certificate of Ownership
  24. How to complete an Initial Registration:
    Complete NJ Vehicle Registration application at any MVC agency.

    Show Proof of vehicle ownership

    Show proof that the sales tax has been paid or pay the sales tax at the agency
  25. The MVC mails renewal notices at least how many days before the annual registration expires?
  26. What happens if you drive without a urrent registration document?
    You pay a fine
  27. How can renewals be done?
    Phone or internet
  28. What do registration renewals cost?
    Nothing, they're free

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