Biochemistry Study Guide

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  1. 54. What is the polysaccharide stored in the muscles and liver of animals?
  2. 56. What is glycogen digested into when needed?
  3. 60. What cellulose producing organisms live in the gut of herbivorous animals?
    • Enzymes:
    • Microbes
    • Bacteria
    • Protists
  4. 62. What is the formula for determining a calorie?
    • How much heat it takes to the temp of 1g H2O 10C
  5. 64. When a person stops eating what biological molecule is used by the body first? Second? Last?
    • Carbohydrates 1st
    • Fat 2nd
    • Itself/Protein last
  6. 66. What are 3 major groups of lipids?
    • Triglycerides (neutral fats):
    • Oils
    • Fats
    • Waxes
  7. 72. Triglycerides are composed of  what TWO building blocks?
    Fatty Acids & Glycerol
  8. 74. A large part of a cell's membrane is a bilayer of what?
    Phospholipid Protein
  9. 75. The small intestine digests  fats & oils into what?
    Fatty Acids & Glycerol
  10. 78. What lipid is paraffin?
    • Wax
    • Image Upload
  11. 83. What are TWO dietary sources of saturated fats?
    Red meat & dairy products
  12. 84. Why are saturated fats bad for you?
  13. 88. What type triglycerides LOWERS your LDL level while INCREASING your HDL level?
    • mono/poly unsaturated fats
    • (think cooking oils like EVOO, Canola, etc)
  14. 101. Amino Acids contain what 3 groups?
    • Carboxyl
    • Amine Group
    • (R) group
  15. 119. The suffix -ase indicates what type of protein?
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