Test 2 Micro: Review & Lab Review

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  1. H. influzae most often causes:
    Otitis media
  2. HIB:
    a.  Stands for H. influenzae non-typable
    b.  is a H influenzae vaccine
    c.  is one of seven H. influenzae serotypes
    Answer:  B.  Is a H influenzae vaccine (only protected against serotype B)
  3. Chancroid:
    a.  Is a STD
    b.  Occurs only in males
    c.  Occurs only in tropical climates
    Answer: a.  Is a STD
  4. Pertussis:
    a.  has not occurred in MS in the past 20 years
    b.  is always fatal
    c.  is a vaccine preventable disease
    Answer: c.  Is a vaccine preventable disease
  5. What percentage of pharyngitis is caused by bacteria?
    30% (primarily GAS)

    (Viral infections cause about 60% of pharyngitis)
  6. Viridans streptococci refers to
    alpha hemolysis
  7. Leading cause of CA-pneumonia?
    Streptococcus pneumoniae
  8. To cause disease, the pneumococcus must?
    Colonize the nasopharynx
  9. Enterococcal disease
    Would more likely occur during extended hospital care
  10. Mycolic acid found in the cell wall of some bacteria
    can vary in carbon chain length
  11. Catalytically active region of DTx is found on
    A subunit
  12. Asymptomatic colonization of a person fully immune to DTx occurs because?
    Antibodies are directed against the exotoxin
  13. Secondary cuaneous infections with Nocardia
    results from spread of primary infection
  14. Most common disease manifestation of anthrax is?
  15. The protectiveness against anthrax of a patient who has received the antrhax vaccine can be determined by his IgG titers specific for?
    Protective Antigen (PA)
  16. You have a patient with miningitis caused by Listeria.  Out of hte following, which should be your first choice of tx?

    Treat bacillus anthracis with Ciprofloxacin
  17. Identify the species of Neisseria.
    • GMS
    • GMS
    • 123
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