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  1. Å beseire
    • To conquer
    • To gain the victory
    • Synonyms to the word are for example dominating and overpower.
  2. Utrolig
    • Incredibly
    • Something beyond understanding, something amazing
  3. Middelalderen
    • The middle ages
    • The period in European history between antiquity and the Renaissance, often dated from a.d. 476 to 1453.
  4. Trebjelker
    • Wooden beems
    • Wood you use to support a construction
  5. Fattigdom
    • Poverty
    • A group of people who doesn’t have enough money to cover the essentials. 
  6. Slummen
    • slum
    • An area where people live under bad conditions
  7. Forurensing
    • Pollution
    • A harm against the enviroment
  8. Skorstein
    • Chimney
    • A passage for smoke. Chimney is a vertical structure which goes from the fireplace to the outside of the house. The smoke from the fireplace goes through this construction.
  9. Bomull
    • Cotton
    • Cotton is a soft fabric, often used for making clothes.
  10. Helle ut
    • Pour out
    • To make a liquid flow 
  11. Stål
    • Steel
    • A type of iron, hard, strong
  12. Tekstil veving
    • Textile weaving
    • To form by interlacing threads
  13. Straks/Med en gang
    • Straight away
    • Immediately
  14. Umiddelbart
    • Immediately
    • Without delay, right away
  15. Handelsvare
    • Merchandise
    • Trading products with each other
  16. Omfavne
    • Embrace
    • Hug someone

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Gloser uke man. uke 44
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meaning of the words in norwegian and english
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