Data Base

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  1. Explain master
    • keeps a record of all the system information in
    • a SQL server system.
  2. Explain 'model'
    • information of a data that is to be
    • stored
  3. Explain 'MSDB'
    • schedules alerts and jobs by other features such
    • as database mail.
  4. Explain ' Tempdb'
    • is a global resource that holds temporary user
    • objects and internal objects and is available to anyone connected to the SQL server.
  5. Explain ' transaction log'
    is a history of actions carried out by the database management system to ensure ACID properties over hardware failures and crashes.
  6. Explain 'trigger'
    is code that is performed in response to certain events within a particular table.
  7. Explain a 'view'
    is a way of showing information in the database. It holds the results of a query.
  8. Explain stored procedure
    It is a set of statements that is stored in compiled form so it can be used by other programs.
  9. User defined type
    allows definition for data types the construct the behaviour in an application.
  10. 3 parts that make up the ISO_11179 data element are...
    • [<role>_]
    • <attribute>_
    • <property>
  11. The basic rule for data element naming is...
    it has one name in the entire schema.
  12. 1nf
    • no repeating groups
    • data is independent
  13. 2nf
    • 1 nf
    • each column dependant only on the whole key
    • using artificial keys will insure you are in 2nf
  14. 3nf
    • 2nf
    • no column can be dependent on any other non-key column
    • you cannot have calculated data
  15. 3 main benifits of a  stored proc
    • speed
    • security
    • application modularization
  16. What is .mdf
    data file
  17. What is .ldf
    log file
  18. When do you reorganize an index?
    <= 30% fragmented
  19. When do you rebuild and index?
    >30% fragmented
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