Ch 16

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  1. Wahhabism
    • a movement started by al-Wahhab whose goal was to purify the Islam religion in Najd and bring it back to its original form
    • Wanted people to stop worshipping false idols 
    • gained political power and destroyed temples but sultan suppressed him
  2. Usman dan Fodio
    • creator of the most powerful Islamic reform movement
    • northern nigeria
    • beliefs attacked heathenism and called for holy war against unbelievers
    • member of sufi brotherhood
    • spread islam through west africa 
  3. Taipaing Rebellion
    • Hong Xiuquan created a society of people who were trying to preach "truth" (perversion of christianity) to the people who were non-believers (Confucion)
    • had an army of men and women and killed people who were not proper believers
    • goal: bring truth to china but they did so violent and failed
  4. Hong Xiuquan
    • man who had a dream/vision that God told him the world was too evil and demonic and he needed to preach the truth to the people 
    • failed civil service exam four times and made this his mission
  5. Karl Marx
    well educated, philsophilcally radical, journalist, popularized capitalism
  6. Friedrich Engels
    german born radical who collaborated with Karl Marx
  7. Condition of the working class in england
    book by Engels which was the indictment of the industrial wage labor in England 
  8. Communist Manifesto
    co-writte by Engels and marx, it was encouraging all the workers of all nations to overthrow capitalism
  9. India's Rebellion of 1957
    • led by princes in north india but squashed by british and killed tens of thousands of indians
    • Led the queen to rule from the crown and not EATC
    • Reasons: 1. colonial polices 2. dalhousie's doctrone of lapse 3. coating bullets with animal fat
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