Module 4

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  1. Values are what?
    Enduring beliefs or attitudes about the worth of a person, oject, idea, or action. Values are important because they influence decisions and actions, including nurses' ethical decision making.
  2. What are Beliefs?
    They are interpretations or conclusions that people accept as true. Are based more on faith than fact and may or may not be true.
  3. ______ ______ is a process by which people identify, examine, and develop teir own individual values.
    • Values Clarification
    • Promotes personal growth by fostering awareness, empathy, and insight.
  4. Ethic has several meanings, what are they?
    • method of inquiry that helps people to understand the morality of human behavior,
    • the practices or beliefs of a certain group,
    • the expected standards of moral behavior of a perticular group as described in the group's formal code of professional ethics
  5. _____ usually refers to private, personal standards of what is right and wrong in conduct, character, and attitude.
  6. What does Autonomy?
    It refers to the right to make one's own decisions. 
  7. Nonmaleficence is what?
    Duty to "do no harm." 
  8. Another term for "doing good" is what?
  9. _____ is often referred to as Fairness.
  10. Fidelity Means?
    To be faithful to agreements and promises. 
  11. Another term for telling the truth is?
  12. "Answerable to oneself and others for one's own actions" refers to?
  13. "The specific accountability or liability associated with the performance of duties of a perticular role" is what?
  14. An ______ is one who expresses and defends the cause of another.
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