genetic engineering

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  1. The use of microorganisms, cells, or cell components to make a product is called?
  2. insertion or modification of genes to produce desired proteins is called
    Recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology
  3. Self-replicating DNA used to carry the desired gene to a new cell. (example: plasmid, virus)
  4. Population of cells arising from one cell, each carries the new gene
  5. These are produced by bacteria to protect them from viruses..(bacteriophages)
    restriction enzymes
  6. These cut specific sequences of DNA when infected with a virus or they also destroy bacteriophage DNA in bacterial cells
    Restriction enzymes
  7. When restriction enzymes cut a DNA striaght across is known as what kind of ends??
    Blunt ends
  8. When restriction enzymes cut DNA leaving the ends uneven with a tail on them wha kind of ends does this represent?
    sticky ends
  9. IF DNA from different sources has been cut with the same restriction enzyme and have sticky ends what is the result?
    Them joing their complentary part whether its the same source or not. Known as a recombinant DNA
  10. These carry new DNA to desired cells, plasmids can be used as these......
  11. Can exist in several different species where they cross over to different species
    shuttle vectors
  12. These are used to make multiple copies of a piece of DNA enzymatically. taking a very small strand of DNA aand making many copies of it
    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  13. PCR is made in what?
    in a machine
  14. Electroporation, transformation, and protoplast all can be used when inserted into a cell. What are you insertting into the cell. Its foreign
  15. Uses electricity where it pokes holes into the cell to allow foreign DNA in is called?
  16. Where cells take up foreign DNA from the enviroment is called?
  17. An organism that has lost it's cell wall and the cell membrane fuses with another cell where exchange of genetic information takes place is called?
    Protoplast fusion
  18. What machanical ways can we do to insert foreign DNA into cells?
    By a gene gun or by microinjection
  19. are made of pieces of an entire genome stored in plasmids or phages
    Genomic libraries
  20. Another way to get DNA is made from mRNA by reverse transcriptase. his is known as
    complementary DNA (cDNA)
  21. This is made by a DNA synthesis machine?
    synthetic DNA, if you know the sequence of the DNA you can build a DNA molecule.  synthetically
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