Academic Vocabulary

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  1. analyze
  2. analyze
    to look at something really, really carefully
  3. contract
  4. contract
    • 1: a written promise that you sign
    • 2: when something gets smaller
    • 3: to catch an illness
  5. economy
  6. economy
    having to do with money; spending and making money (for example: world economy, government economy, your family's economy)
  7. factor
  8. factor
    • 1: a number used in a multiplication problem
    • 2: something that helps you make a decision (for example- the weather report played a factor in you taking an umbrella to the store)
  9. indicate
  10. indicate
    to show something; point something out
  11. legal
  12. legal
    having to do with the law
  13. period
  14. period
    • 1: punctuation at the end of a sentence
    • 2: a section of time (for example - we studied for a 20 minutes time period)
  15. research
  16. research
    to find information on a topic

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