Unit 1 Vocab

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  1. fanatic
    person with excess zeal
  2. predilection
    personal preference
  3. disproportionate
    out of proportion
  4. Subservient
    acting like a servant
  5. arbitrate
    to judge or referee
  6. iniquity
    wickedness; immorality
  7. ascertain
    to find out
  8. indignant
    angry due to something unjust
  9. calamity
  10. contentious
  11. deposition
    written statement by a witness
  12. plantiff
    party that institutes a suit in court
  13. effrontery
    disrespectful; insulting boldness
  14. immaculate
    without stain; pure
  15. inaudibly
    unable to be heard clearly
  16. afflict
    to cause physical/mental suffering
  17. unintelligible
  18. excommunication
    banishment from a church
  19. indictment
  20. empower
    to invest with authority
  21. vanquish
    to defeat in battle
  22. commodity
    something useful; an article of commerce
  23. providence
    instance of divine care or guidange
  24. procure
    to get by special effort; obtain
  25. sentinel
    a guard
  26. desolate
    without inhabitants; barren
  27. hue
    appearance; color
  28. solace
    comfort in sorrow or distress
  29. feigned
    not real; pretended
  30. aloof
  31. abhor
    to regard with disgust
  32. abominable
    thoroughly detestable
  33. appease
    to bring peace, quiet, or calm to; soothe
  34. ascribe
    to attribute to a specified cause or source
  35. deliverance
    rescue from danger
  36. inconceivable
    not able to be understood or imagined
  37. loathsome
    arousing great dislike
  38. mitigation
    lessening of something that causes suffering
  39. wrath
    fierce anger, or punishment resulting from such anger
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