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    • State the 3 objectives of first aid.
    • To save lives
    • To prevent further injury
    • Preserve resistance & vitality from infection
  1. Name the three methods of controlling bleeding
    • Direct pressure
    • Pressure point
    • Tourniquet
  2. How many total pressure points are there
  3. Describe symptoms and treatment for shock:
    • Rapid shallow breathing
    • Cold and clammy skin
    • rapid weak pulse
    • Dizziness

    • Lie down
    • Keep warm
    • Administer fluids
    • ABC's
  4. 3 classifications of burns
    • Superficial
    • Partial thickness
    • Full thickness
  5. Describe the first aid for fractures
    • splint in place
    • Elevate
    • Ice
  6. Symptoms and first aid treatment for a joint dislocation
    • Cold pack: used to reduce swelling
    • heat pack: used to relax tight muscles and tendons around injury
  7. Describe the first aid treatment for snake bites
    • Remove constricting items
    • Splint limbs
    • Insure cap. refill
  8. Methoda for clearing an airway
    Heimlich or finger sweep
  9. Describe the effect of hypothermia
    Cooling of the whole body caused by exposure to low or rapidly falling temp. Cold moisture, snow or ice.
  10. Describe the effect of superficial frostbite
    Ice crystals forming on the upper skin layers after expert to temp. 32° or lower
  11. Describe deep frost bite
    Ice crystals forming in deep layers of skin 32°or lower
  12. Describe what involves basic first aid
    • Spinal injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Burns
    • CPR

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