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    • Discuss the following a they apply to the operational chain of command.
    • A: Unified/specified
    • B: fleet commanders
    • C: task force commander
    • D: task unit commander
    • A: command is composed of 2 or more services
    • B: CINCPACFLT (commands Pacific naval forces)
    • CINCANTFLT (commands Atlantic naval forces)
    • CINCUSNAVEUR (commands naval forces in the European theater)
    • C: sub division of a fleet developed in WW2
    • D: sub division of a force (i.e. carrier strike group)
  1. Discuss the dual chain of command for operating forces.
    • Admin: managed through secretary of the navy and CNO
    • Operations: managed through president via secretary of defense
  2. Discuss the following as they apply to the administrative chain of command:
    B: CNO
    C: Commander fleet forces
    D: naval air force commander
    E: functional wing commander
    F: type squadron commander
    • A: Ray Mabus, responsible for policies & control of the department of the Navy.
    • B: Admiral Greenert, advisor to the president & SECNAV on conduct of war.
    • C: CINCPACFLT commands 3rd & 7th fleet
    • CINCANTFLT commands 2nd fleet
    • CINCUSNAVEUR command 6th fleet
    • D: vice admiral command of squadron/ administrative control of logistic support
    • E: air craft materials readiness
    • F: maintenance & material readiness
  3. Discuss the role of the following:
    A: MCPON
    B: fleet master chief
    C: force master chief
    D: CMC
    • A: Michael Stevens; senior representative between enlisted and commissioned.
    • B: senior enlisted advisor to fleet CINC
    • C: Advisor to force group commander responsible for Morale
    • D: updates CNO on situation, practices, procedures that effect Morale, well being, and welfare of enlisted in the command
  4. State the geographic AOR for the following.
    A: 2nd fleet
    B: 3rd & 7th fleet
    C: 5th fleet
    D: 6th fleet
    E: MSC
    F: 4th fleet
    • A: Atlantic, N. Pole, Caribbean
    • B: Pacific from Alaska to S. Korea
    • C: Persian gulf, red sea, Arabian gulf, E. Africa, Kenya
    • D: Europe
    • E: around the world from DC sea lift command
    • F: South America
  5. State the purpose of the following.
    A: standard organization and regulations of the US Navy
    B: command's organization and regulations manual
    C: UCMJ
    D: Code of conduct
    • A: to maintain proper order and a level of professionalism in the navy
    • B: to maintain proper order &a high level of professionalism throughout a command
    • C: military law
    • D: How to conduct yourself when you become a POW
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