latin chapt 4

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  1. present indicative conjugations of esse
    • to be
    • sum = i am           sumus = we are
    • es = you are          estis = you are
    • est = he/she is       sunt = they are
  2. basium, basii
    n. kiss
  3. bellum, belli
    n. war
  4. consilium, consilii
    n. plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
  5. cura, curae
    f. care, attention, caution, anxiety
  6. donum, doni
    n. gift, present
  7. exitium, exitii
    n. destruction, ruin
  8. magister, magistri and magistra, magistrae
    m. and f. schoolmaster or schoolmistress, teacher, master or mistress
  9. mora, morae
    f. delay
  10. nihil
    indeclinable n. nothing
  11. oculus, oculi
    m. eye
  12. officium, officii
    n. duty, service
  13. otium, otii
    n. leisure, peace
  14. periculum, periculi
    n. danger, risk
  15. remedium, remedii
    n. cure, remedy
  16. bellus, bella, bellum
    pretty, handsome, charming
  17. humanus, humana, humanum
    pertaining to man, human, humane, kind, refined
  18. malus, mala, malum
    bad, wicked, evil
  19. parvus, parva, parvum
    small, little
  20. stultus, stulta, stultum and stultus, stulti
    foolish and a fool
  21. verus, vera, verum
    true, real, proper
  22. iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutum
    to help, aid, assist, please
  23. sum, esse, fui, futurum
    to be, exist
  24. caecus, -a, -um
  25. infortunatus, -a, -um
  26. omnino
    adv. wholly
  27. beatus, -a, -um
    happy, fortunate
  28. crustulum, -i
    n. cookie
  29. magis quam
    more than
  30. mihi
    dat. to me
  31. infinitus, -a, -um
  32. nostro
  33. dignus, -a, -um
    worthy, deserving
  34. amicitia, -ae
    f. friendship
  35. omnia
    all things
  36. praeclarus, -a, -um
    splendid, remarkable
  37. rarus, -a, -um
  38. possumus
    we are able
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