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  1. Charismatic Leader
    has extraordinary magnetism that inspires others to follw him or her with devotion.
  2. Transformational Leader
    inspires followers to act in the interests of the group.
  3. Situational Leader
    Depends upn the situation, the qualities and abilities of the followers and the task in question.
  4. Emotional Intelligence 
    Is the ability to recognize your own and tthers emotions and react appropriately.
  5. Empower
    To empower others means to give others the authority and responsibility to carry out tasks or solve problems that the leader has defined.
  6. Mentoring
    Mentoring means taking someone under your wing, guiding and teaching that person so that he or she benefits from your experience and skills.
  7. Incremental Change
     Incremental change is change that occurs in a series of small, planned steps.
  8. Innovate
    When you innovate, you create something significantly new or a new way of doing something.
  9. Continuous Improvement
    Continuous improvement is a nanagement process that constantly monitors what the enterprise is doing and how people are doing it.
  10. Leaders have qualities that include:
    •  ambition, 
    • energy,
    • intelligence,
    • self-confidence
    • creativity
    • persistence
    • persuasiveness
  11. The main leadership styles are:
    • laissez-faire
    • democratic
    • autocratic
    • charismatic 
    • transformational
    • situation leadership.
  12. Leaders are skilled at :
    • diplomacy and tact
    • listeningwell
    • speaking well
    • treating others with respect 
    • taking risks
    • and accepting responsibility
  13. Leaders empower others through :
    • delegating 
    • and mentoring
  14. Leaders must set an example for followers:
    who will model the leader's behavior and attitudes.
  15. Leaders speak and listen well to persuade others and collaborate with them on solving problems.
  16. The world around us is always changing.We must adapt by accepting and embracing change.
  17. Failing to change can mean being left behind.
  18. Innovation and continuous improvement drive progress.
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